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At 19, Monica had no choice but to leave her son in front of the hospital. Years later, she became a school teacher, and he was one of her students. But she never told him directly, so it was surprising when the boy found her years later.

“Miss. Griffith, are you busy?” a voice came from the entrance of Monica’s classroom. She was shuffling some papers around her desk and getting ready to head out for the day when someone came to see her. When Monica’s raised her head and faced the doorway, she saw a young man looking at her with an unexplainable expression.

“Yes, can I help you?” she asked him.

“I don’t know if you remember me. I’m Timmy Harper. I was your student when you first started working here,” the young man replied kindly and placed his hands in his pockets. Suddenly, Monica’s eyes widened, and she was transported right to the past…

At 19, Monica found out she was pregnant, and it was the worst moment of her life. Her boyfriend and baby daddy ghosted her almost immediately. Furthermore, she was a freshman at Arizona State College and could barely afford anything. Her parents would kill her for getting pregnant at that age, but luckily, they were miles away in Florida.

She hid the pregnancy from everyone by wearing a baggy hoodie, even in the Arizona heat. After giving birth, Monica took the baby home for one day and quickly realized she couldn’t be his mother. Thus, she returned to the hospital and left the baby in a car seat right at the emergency room entrance. Then, she hid and waited for the staff to come to get him.

Afterward, Monica moved on with her life and graduated college with a degree in Education. She had several jobs around the state, but eight years ago, Monica started teaching at Florence Elementary School in Florence, Arizona, and Timmy was one of the kids in her class. He was just like any typical 11-year-old, except he looked somewhat familiar.

But she couldn’t figure out why until several months later when the boy accidentally pulled his shirt up while taking off a sweater. That’s when she saw a birthmark on his stomach. It all clicked in that staggering moment. Timmy was her son, and he looked exactly like Monica’s father, who had the same birthmark in the same spot. She never expected something like this to happen.

Back then, she fell limply onto her desk chair, holding her head up with one hand and breathing deeply. Monica tried not to let the other kids see her in distress, but a few noticed and asked what was wrong. Therefore, she collected herself quickly and began her class, dismissing their concerns.

She wanted to forget all about it and treated Timmy just like the other kids. But during a parent-teacher night at school, Monica met Timmy’s mother, Polly. She was a charming woman who loved her son and wanted the best for him. Monica remained professional during the meeting and talked about Timmy’s strengths and weaknesses in English.

“Wait a second, Mrs. Harper,” Monica begged when Polly began to stand up. She wrote something as quickly as she could on a piece of paper and gave it to Timmy’s mom. “Please, read this later.” Although Monica never regretted giving up her son back then, she was glad to know he ended up in a good place, and she wanted to thank Polly.

“Alright… Miss Griffith, is everything ok?” the woman asked.

“Yes…just, please read it. You don’t have to do anything else, and we never have to talk about it again. Just read it,” Monica pleaded and escorted Polly out of her classroom. The woman was still confused, but she placed the note in her pocket, smiled, and left.

Monica didn’t know if Polly read it or she ever told Timmy about it. The next time she saw her, Polly acted as if nothing had happened at all. But Monica was about to find out the truth…

“Miss Griffith? Did you hear me?” Timmy asked her again, waving his hand in front of her face to catch her attention. Monica snapped out of her thoughts quickly.

“Of course! Timmy, oh my god! It’s so wonderful to see you!” she exclaimed, overcompensating a little bit for her distraction, and hugged her former student. “What are you doing now? How’s your mom?”

“Well, that’s actually why I’m here. My mom died a few weeks ago,” Timmy began, rocking on his feet nervously.

“Timmy, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. My deepest condolences to you and your family. How are you doing?” Monica asked, concerned.

“Thank you. Well, it has been easy. We lost my dad a few years ago. Now, I’m alone, and newly 18. It’s like I don’t know what to do with myself,” Timmy rambled on, touching the back of his neck. “But anyway, I’m here because I was going through my mom’s things, and I found this.”

Timmy took out a note from his pocket, and Monica gasped quietly. “Oh, I never meant for you to find it, Timmy. I’m so sorry,” Monica apologized.

Timmy pursed his lips and began reading her words from back then out loud. “Mrs. Harper, years ago, I left a baby at the hospital, and he’s now your son. Thank you so much for giving him a loving home and for how you have raised him. He’s a wonderful boy. I wish the best for you and your family,” he finished reading.

Monica started to cry while hearing her son saying those words. “So it’s true? Mom never said anything. I didn’t even know I was adopted,” Timmy remarked and leaned on the blackboard.

“Yes, it’s true, Timmy. I’m your biological mother. Becoming your teacher was a complete coincidence, almost like an accident or fate, maybe. I don’t know. But I saw you had a wonderful family and were happy, so I didn’t want to disrupt your life. I just wanted to thank your mother. I gave her that note at the end of a parent-teacher meeting,” Monica explained after wiping her tears. “But we never spoke much after that. I thought she never read it.”

“I get it, I guess. I think she did it and decided to save it for when I got older. It was among her valuable things. It’s just that after everything that has happened lately, I guess I wanted to confirm it with you,” Timmy added, leaning away from the blackout. “I have to figure out my life now without both my parents. But I was wondering if I could call you sometimes to talk?”

“Of course! Of course, you can! I’ll give you my phone number, and we can talk whenever you want,” Monica agreed and wrote down her phone on a piece of paper. The 18-year-old took it, gave her a small smile, and turned to leave.

But he stopped and turned back. “For what it’s worth, you were the best teacher I ever had,” Timmy added quietly. Then he left, and Monica bawled like a baby over her classroom desk.

A few days later, he called, and they started talking once a week. Luckily, his parents left him enough money for college and more, so Timmy never asked her for anything but advice about school and life. They formed a close bond, although it would be that of a mother and her child.

Regardless, Monica was deliriously happy to have him in her life, even if it was just a few phone calls and meeting for coffee.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Sometimes, giving up your child is the best option. Monica might not have provided a great life for her son if she had kept him.
  • Don’t regret your choices. Every decision you make has consequences. Some are good, and some not so great, but they are all part of life.

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