Young Man Sees a Little Boy in the Park Who Is a Carbon Copy of Him as a Child – Story of the Day

A young man sees a little replica of himself at the park, and it leads him down the rabbit hole of finding out about his parents’ messy past. 

George Thorn had no worries in the world. He was a young man of 27 who had worked as a chef at his favorite restaurant which was located at the heart of the city he lived in. 

His house was just a stone’s throw from the restaurant, which made it easy for him to and fro. After work every day, the young man would hang his apron and take a quick walk across the road to a park where the city natives loved to spend time on breezy days. 

George ran into a little boy at the park who looked almost identical to his younger self | Source: Shutterstock

One day he was walking in the park, taking in the ambient scene, when he heard a boy shout, “Out of the way!” 

As soon as he heard the scream, his attention snapped to the boy careening towards him on an out-of-control snowboard, but there was no time to move out of the way, so they both collided, and the kid ended up on his butt. 

“Owww,” the boy said as he looked up offensively at George while rubbing his head. 

“I got hit but you’re the one screaming?” George joked as he picked the boy up and went down on a knee to look into the boy’s eyes. 

That’s when it hit him — the resemblance between them. 

It was so strong that George could have sworn he was staring at his younger self. It took him some moments to get past that to ask if the boy had gotten bruised. 

“I’m okay and sorry for running into you,” the kid said with a cheeky smile just like George’s. 

At the risk of seeming too interested in the child, he let him go on playing with his snowboard but sat close by, watching and waiting to see his parents. 

“How can that boy be a complete copy of me?” he wondered. “He’s definitely not mine — I’m a virgin after all.” He had never been intimate with a woman, but the boy looked like his son. 

George saw the boy speeding towards him on an out-of-control snowboard, but there was no time to move out of the way, so they both collided, and the kid ended up on his butt | Source: Pexels

Immersed in his thoughts, he did not quickly notice the boy being taken by a woman. It took him some moments to notice the boy was gone and then another few to locate them moving towards the street to get a cab. 

They were gone before he could catch up, so he returned home deep in thought. His mother, Margaret, was quick to notice her son’s pensive mood, but she kept mute about it, thinking that he needed some time to sort it out himself.  She was quite big on boundaries, and she knew that he would open up to her sooner or later. 

It took all of an hour before he started talking, and she was seated, ready to listen and give advice. George told her about the boy he saw then, and while carefully watching her facial reactions, asked about his father. 

It was a topic his mom would deliberately avoid answering whenever it came up, but after hearing about the boy George met at the park, she knew a vague answer would not do. 

So she told him the truth: “Your father was a brave man. A pilot who flew planes and easily stole my heart with his sharp intellect and smooth tongue,” she said. 

After hearing about the boy George met at the park, his mom knew a vague answer about his father would not do | Source: Pexels

“We had what they call a whirlwind romance and it was from there I got pregnant with you. It took me a long time to realize that your father had women like me all over the world and after I did, it was the end of us.” 

“And you’ve never seen him again since then?” 

Her story made George realize that the boy he had seen could be his brother or some other relative. It got him even more curious about who his father was.

With hopes of meeting the boy again, George started to walk more often in the park. Day by day, he visited the spot where the mini accident happened before and spent some 30 minutes waiting for him. But it was to no avail, and that status remained for some weeks.

He was about to give up when he found them one weekend at the park swing. George was very overjoyed, but he had to tamp it down as he approached the two of them. On close inspection, the woman looked about the same age as him — a fact he noted but didn’t dare bring up immediately. 

He was about to give up searching for the boy and his mother when he found them one weekend at the park | Source: Pexels

He also couldn’t ask about what was truly intriguing him, so he settled for an awkward joke thrown at the boy about their first meeting. 

“Hey there bulldozer,” he said with a smile, hoping the boy would react positively. 

The boy did, and the woman followed his lead, dismissing George’s awkwardness and smiling warmly at him. 

She introduced herself as Melissa, and they had a nice chat that day, which George found so enjoyable, he forgot about what had been on his mind to ask. 

With time, the two began to meet at the park more often, and the bond between all three of them grew. George was well aware that it was quickly becoming a romantic relationship, and he knew that it was not right because he was sure there was some sort of family tie binding them. 

Afraid of finding out the truth, he avoided asking Melissa about it but was able to gather some details about her along the line. 

He discovered she was an orphan whose father had disappeared and who had been dropped off by her mother, who couldn’t care for her. 

One day, George decided to invite Melissa to have dinner at his house, so that she can meet his mother. But as soon as the woman arrived and locked eyes with Margaret, things fell into place. The older woman suddenly broke down in tears, triggering concern in George who rushed to her side. 

“What’s wrong mom?” he asked worriedly but he noticed his mom’s gaze never left Melissa. 

It confirmed his suspicion. 

George learned the startling truth from his mother. | Source: Pexels

“Mom, do you know her?” he asked and watched her slowly nod before opening her mouth to reveal everything. 

Apparently, he was a twin; the male half she had kept to raise herself while his female half was given away to the orphanage. 

“Are you sure this is the right thing to do?” asked Dora, the woman in charge of the orphanage George’s mother left his twin sister with. 

“There is no “right” here Dora,” Margaret replied in a low tone. Her decision was final. “Just take good care of her for me, and if your God wills, my children will find their way back to one another.”

That daughter grew up to become Melissa, the woman George was falling in love with. Indeed they had found their way back to each other. 

Melissa was stunned by the confession at first, and she had put up a fight because of the loneliness she had to endure as a child. That was what she told George when he tried to pacify her. 

But deep down she was only jealous of how much time her brother had been able to spend with their mother. 

“That must be why he is so well put together,” she thought sadly. “While I’m a wreck.”

It took several weeks for Melissa to move past her emotions but when she finally did, she found happiness in having found her family after so many years. 

To atone for her past actions, Margaret began helping Melissa raise her child, and they all became a big and happy family. A truly deserving punishment for a woman who was dealt an unfair hand by fate.

To atone for her past actions, George’s mother helped Melissa raise her child, and they all became a big and happy family | Source: Pexels

What did we learn from this story?

  • Atonement comes after repentance. George’s mother made a decision that split up her twins in the past because she had no choice, but when the child she gave up reappeared in her life, all she did was beg for forgiveness, after which she started atoning for her perceived sins, which helped solidify their bonds. 
  • Tread carefully with your interactions. George had to deploy tact in his dealings with Melissa as he slowly uncovered the past, and it helped him avoid offending her until they both arrived at the truth of what happened. 

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