Young Lady Calls Food Delivery Man & Claims She’s Daughter He Never Met – They Get DNA Test

A pizza delivery man received an anonymous phone call from a young woman who claimed she was his daughter he’d never met before. He freaked out and took a DNA test with her. 

A Redditor lost his job and started working as a pizza delivery man. Fast forward to a couple of weeks, and he got a call from an unknown number after dropping off a delivery at a house.

The Original Poster (OP) realized it was an out-of-state number. He was hesitant, but for some reason, he answered the call. A young woman in a doubtful tone asked him to confirm she was talking to him.

The OP confirmed, and she said she wanted to discuss something personal and enquired about a familiar name he knew. He explained:

“She asks if I know a lady by the name of (redacted). I said I did. The young lady then asks what I know about her.”

He told her that the woman in question was once stationed at a local military post but didn’t mention her job title. The young woman listened without interrupting him.

“I dated her for a few months and that she got out of the military the same time I did,” he detailed and added she moved back to her hometown. The curious woman pressed the OP for more details. He added:

“The young lady then asks if I kept in contact with her. I talked to her a couple of times after we both got out, but that was it.”

She immediately interrupted and said she was the woman’s daughter. The OP had no idea what she was talking about. 

The woman told the OP that after her mother passed away a few years ago, a family friend suggested she take a DNA test to know more about her mother. But the results revealed she didn’t match her dad. The OP detailed, saying:

“For the past few years, this young woman has been searching and trying to figure out who her father was. Her mom never said anything to anyone.”

The woman’s mother took all her secrets to the grave with her. The OP claimed that his ex’s infidelity over the years was a part of the reason that prompted her daughter to take a DNA test to know her ancestry. Out of curiosity and suspicion, even he took the test with her.

Meanwhile, the OP wondered if he was the “side guy” for dating a married woman. After reading his story, several Redditors responded with overwhelming support in his favor.

Some believed the OP wasn’t at fault as he had no clue the woman he’d dated was already married.

For instance, user nonstop2nowhere responded in a comment that read: “You’re not “that guy” – you didn’t know about the fiancé, and you didn’t know about the pregnancy.”

The OP claimed the guy she’d married was clueless about their affair as he was stationed elsewhere. However, he’d suspected she cheated on him and had headed for divorce.

But she talked him out of it with her pregnancy, claiming the child was his. The two stayed married until she died with her secrets. The DNA test results arrived and revealed that the OP was indeed the young woman’s father. He exclaimed

“I found out I have an adult daughter I never knew about, and she found her father.”

He wondered if he was in the wrong for dating a married woman. Some believed the OP wasn’t at fault as he had no clue the woman he’d dated was already married. User CaffeineFueledLife said a lot of emotions were involved in the OP’s story, adding:

“I’m the adult daughter who found the father who never knew I existed. Only I never had a decent man to help raise me. It’s definitely a lot of emotions.”

The OP responded that it took him a few days to process the shocking truth. He said he missed watching his daughter grow and claimed he had trouble letting go of the fatherhood his ex deprived him of.

Some users were curious to know about his first meeting with his daughter. He claimed he would meet her once things settled down for good between them. He even decided not to replace the man who raised her.

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