Young Guy Nurses Old Man Until Death, Inherits Huge Part of His Legacy

A young man is stormed by an unexpected shock of a lifetime after volunteering to care for a wealthy older man until his death. 

The guy took to Reddit’s famous “ProRevenge” subreddit to narrate a story that brought an elderly man’s “PERFECT REVENGE” on his family to light.

Redditor hicctl wasn’t new to elderly caretaking. He took up a job in a retirement home back in the day, unaware of where his calibers would place him shortly.

A young guy who nurses an old man makes it to his will & sparks an inheritance war | Photo: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP) claimed his days at his workplace as one of the best times ever. Experience aside, he felt his job broadened his horizon despite being young. 

He felt mature, and while he was grasping enlightenment on the true meaning of life, he decided to take a break from work. 

OP’s service was over, and for around a year, he worked just any job to make some money. And that’s when one of his best friends visited requesting a favor that would soon change his life with an unexpected twist. 

OP’s career as a caretaker offered him more than just a job & experience | Photo: Pexels

The friend told OP about his grandfather and how he needed help to get ready in the morning and the evening. Apart from that, the older man needed no intense favors. 

OP learned that the grandfather hated going into nursing care and decided to utilize his professional expertise to help his friend and make some extra money at the same time.

The dad and uncle immediately lashed out, saying they knew something like this would happen, and threatened to sue them. 

Since OP didn’t have a grandpa, his day-to-day experiences with his friend’s grandfather felt new. However, he didn’t see that big storm coming ahead of his warm service.

The friend’s grandpa despised moving to a nursing facility | Photo: Pexels

OP regularly visited the grandpa and offered utmost care that soon garnered the older man’s attention. He was eventually declared his unofficial fifth grandson. 

He was overwhelmed, and the initial 2-3-week service was extended to half a year, but fate had other plans. The grandpa had a stroke and died within the next two days in the hospital. 

While OP prepped for a painful goodbye, he received a call from his friend two days later to accompany him to the lawyer’s office where the will would be read out loud. OP was clueless about why he needed to go. 

The grandpa passed away | Photo: Unsplash

The grandpa had instructed the will to be read the day before his funeral. OP was curious and asked his friend why he’d been called. 

The friend told OP it was an official arrangement by their lawyer since the late grandpa had left “something” for him as a token of appreciation. 

OP felt a bit shy, but a weird kind of joy bubbled from within. He felt appreciative, and as he waited eagerly for the papers to be read out, his friend’s dad fired a furious question at him: “Why the hell are you here?” 

OP and his friend’s family flocked to the lawyer’s office | Photo: Pexels

The man condemned OP and reiterated that the gathering was about “family” and not outsiders. “I bet the little gold-digger hoped he would get some money in the will,” the friend’s uncle said. 

“I was asked to be here by the lawyer,” OP responded. The friend’s dad told him he’d sue OP if he tried to pull something in connection to the will. 

The friend asked his dad and uncle to show respect, but the two adults lashed out at him. Meanwhile, two other grandkids arrived and were seated behind OP. 

The friend’s dad lashes out at OP | Photo: Pexels

OP overheard the two planning to pay for all their credits from the inheritance. He was boiling in anger after sensing how all of them only cared about the money they’d get and not the late grandpa.

Finally, the lawyer read out a letter loudly. Everyone listened with patience, hoping to take home more than they came for. 

The letter revealed the grandpa’s disappointment with his two sons but because he didn’t want to be biased in splitting his inheritance, he decided to devise a strategy.

In a surprising twist in his will, he revealed a point system he used to determine each of his benefactor’s share in his inheritance, the person with more points getting a more significant share.

The lawyer read the will | Photo: Pexels

The grandpa wisely allotted the points as follows: 1 point for phone calls plus an extra for long conversations, 2 points per hour plus another for visitations & travel, and finally, 3 points for assistance. 

The family eagerly awaited for their scores to be announced out loudly. Well, that’s where some of them experienced the most significant blow of their lives.

The friend’s dad and uncle made 8 and 10 points each. Their children made 150 and 133 points, while the friend’s brother made 288 points. As the lawyer kept announcing each of their points, the family gaped in awe.

The grandpa’s sons gaped in awe | Photo: Pexels

Finally, the friend had amassed around 7341 points while OP had a whopping 5883 points to his name. Everyone was shocked as they were well aware of each point’s worth.

There was pin-drop silence in the room. The dad and uncle immediately lashed out, saying they knew something like this would happen, and threatened to sue them. 

However, they had no clue that the reading wasn’t over yet and somehow missed the most crucial clause that wasn’t read out that day. 

The family threatened to sue OP, unaware of the bitter consequences | Photo: Pexels

Three years later, the dad and uncle lost all their lawsuits based on the clause attached to the grandpa’s will. It said that any family member who attempts to sue will lose their share of the inheritance. 

OP was overwhelmed, and after reading his story, several Redditors flooded the viral post with incredible reactions on the grandpa’s unique way of splitting his wealth. 

Among them was user Outtatheblu42, who wasn’t just surprised at the idea but was shocked by the grandpa’s sons making the lowest points. The person added:

“Glad Grandpa kept his wits right until the end! I think it’s pretty incredible revenge that I’m sure the grandfather felt so satisfied about as he moved to his next stage.”

The grandpa’s sons lost the lawsuit 3 years later | Photo: Pexels

“Grandpa did a great job sticking it to the entitled people!” user hitlerstalincheadle wrote

After a 3-year-long legal tussle, OP got his share of the inheritance. He preferred not to mention the sum but thought it was way too much than he could accept. After much thought, he decided to give away a part of it to the other three grandchildren. 

But to his surprise, his friend convinced him not to do that, saying: “You cared for him when he needed you, without expecting anything for it, which makes you 10 times more his family.”

“They got what they deserved,” OP’s friend concluded.

OP got his inheritance after a 3-year-long legal battle | Photo: Pexels

What do you think of the grandpa’s point system? Would you also consider using such strategy in dividing your assets among your inheritors? 

The grandpa devised a unique way of dividing his assets among his relatives, basing it on the amount of time devoted to him.  If you were in his shoes, would you also consider doing this? 

Would you consider giving away a part of your inheritance to the rightful grandkids like OP initially wanted?

OP said the money he received from his friend’s grandpa was beyond his comfort of acceptance. It was too much money, and he’d even decided to give some of it to the legal grandchildren. However, his friend convinced him not to do it, saying he deserved it more than anyone else. If you were OP, would you do the same? Also, how would you react if the grandkids come to you asking for a share, saying they and not you, are the grandpa’s legal heirs?

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