Woman Whose Heart Stopped 5 Times in 27 Minutes Returns to Life, Quickly Writes Down: ‘It’s Real’

When a woman went into cardiac arrest, her husband and other first responders refused to give up and managed to resuscitate her. She asked for a pen and paper as soon as she woke up. 

Tina Hines was a healthy woman from Phoenix, Arizona, who lived a balanced lifestyle when she unexpectedly collapsed in 2018. Her husband, Brian, was stunned that her heart had stopped beating.

He couldn’t believe it and watched as she turned purple due to a lack of oxygen. After performing CPR, he brought her back to life, but her heart didn’t stay beating for long. Paramedics tried four more times before she finally survived. 

A woman is comforted in hospital after she survived miraculously [left] Woman whose heart stopped for several minutes writes a message after waking up [right] | Photo: instagram.com/madiejohnson

While her heart stopped, she experienced something that changed her life forever. Hines was intubated when she woke up, so she couldn’t speak but wanted to say something desperately. She motioned for writing materials. 

On a piece of paper, Hines roughly managed to write two words—”it’s real.” When asked what she was referring to, the woman pointed upwards to heaven. 

Hines purports that she met with Jesus and was saved for a reason. Her miraculous recovery stunned first-responders who called it an unbelievable experience.

“It’s one of those calls that none of us will ever forget. I was a witness to a miracle is the way I look at it.”

Hines couldn’t wait to tell everyone more about what she saw. She expressed: “It was so real. The colors were so vibrant.” The woman has also written a book, “How Dying Changes Living,” about her time in heaven. 

Hines might require a defibrillator and pacemaker to keep her irregular heartbeat steady now. However, she is not done fighting yet and still has more people to inspire with her story.    


Another woman experienced a similar supernatural recovery after being ruled dead for close to an hour last year. Kathy Patten was in a Baltimore hospital to welcome her granddaughter into the world when the unexpected happened.

She went into cardiac arrest while her daughter, Stacey Fifer, struggled through a difficult birth. At almost the same time as Patten’s miraculous recovery, Fifer finally gave birth. 


It was a doubly special moment for them and their family. Fifer said: “It was just fate that my mom was supposed to be here. It was ultimately because of Alora that my mom is here and happened to be at the right place at the right time.”

Both Patten and Hines had an experience that very few people survive. They believe they were saved for a reason and now share their miraculous stories with the world to encourage and inspire others. 

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