Woman Who Sacrificed Life for Unborn Daughter Leaves Her Touching Video Messages before Dying

When a woman found out that her cancer had returned, she was devastated. What made the battle even more challenging was her pregnancy. The mother died weeks after giving birth but left her daughter a message.  

In 2014, New York resident Liz Joice sadly lost her fight to cancer six weeks after she welcomed her baby girl. Knowing about her diagnosis gave her the time to prepare a message for her unborn baby, Lily. 

She compiled various video messages for her daughter, and they have touched many hearts. New Jersey director Christopher Henze helped them make the videos. The final product can be seen in his documentary, “40 Weeks.”

The baby girl was able to listen to her mother’s voice even after she was gone. Henze explained that he recorded more than 70 hours of footage. This featured Liz and her husband, Max. The producer added

“She [Lily] loves it, by the way.”

The couple’s pregnancy journey is showcased in the series of videos, and the final product was heartwarming. There is also a lot of content that showed Liz speaking with characters from kids’ shows, all with the plan of eventually showing it to her baby. 

Henze developed a special relationship with the couple and got to know them on a very personal level. He shared that Liz had overcome cancer in 2011 but sadly received news that it returned—while she was expecting. 

The young mother did everything in her power to fight the disease, including having a tumor removed from her spine. However, Liz refused to do specific procedures, even when her life was on the line.


The mother did not undergo any “aggressive chemotherapy” while she was pregnant with her daughter. Once she had a c-section in January 2014, she finally underwent various treatments that would have been harmful to the baby. 

Despite the massive fight against her cancer and surviving the full-term pregnancy, Liz passed away in March. She was only 36 years old. Fortunately, she was able to leave something behind for her child.

Henze remembered Liz fondly and said she was always very grateful for the opportunity to record video messages for her daughter. He stated

“Even though she was going through such challenges, her smile was so broad. She was enthusiastic.”

The producer also recalled something Liz’s husband said at her memorial service. The grieving widower shared that his wife was an inspiration to many. He expressed: “[Liz] also said, ‘Anger is a useless emotion. It only brings you down.”

While baby Lily will have to grow up without her mother, she has something very few people can hold onto—video messages made especially with her in mind. 

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