Woman Who Had Spent Years Searching for Long-Lost Sister Learns She’s Her Next-Door Neighbor

In 2018, a woman’s search for her half-sister took a surprising turn. After trying to track her down for years, she discovered that the long-lost sibling was living closer than she ever expected. 

Hillary Harris, 31, had been curious about her extended family since she found out that she had half-siblings scattered around America. She could locate three of them via Facebook, but there was one sister she couldn’t place. 

Wisconsin resident Hillary knew her half-sister’s name was Dawn Johnson, but despite an extensive online search, she could not find the woman with whom she shared a father. 


The search took an unexpected turn when Hillary’s husband, Lance, saw a couple moving into the home next door to them. He found out that the man’s name was Kurt Casperson and his partner went by Dawn. 

After they discovered Dawn was originally from Greenwood, the same town as Hillary’s birth father, the woman comically told her husband: “‘Her name is Dawn — what if she’s my sister?’ and we both laughed and said, ‘No way.’ No way could that be.”

Despite the suspicions, Hillary was nervous to inquire about Dawn’s surname. Two months went by, and the couples lived past each other, only making occasional small talk. One day by chance, Hillary found out what Dawn’s surname was. 

The woman was looking outside her window when the name “Johnson” was written on a delivery parcel for her neighbors. Instantly, Hillary screamed and jumped. She phoned her husband and said: “Her name is Dawn Johnson! It has to be her!”  


Lance encouraged Hillary that they should approach Dawn and speak about their possible connection. However, nerves got the better of her. Hillary expressed

“I was just so nervous, and I was worried about rejection.”

Dawn told Hillary that she would be out of town the next day. Via text, Hillary finally struck up the courage to ask Dawn a question linking to her father’s obituary. She asked Dawn if she was the Loyal Corn Fest queen in 1983.

The question caught Dawn off guard, and she responded: “LOL. Why are you asking that?” That was the moment of truth, and Hillary finally asked Dawn who her birth father was. 

Dawn’s reply confirmed Hillary’s suspicions. Their dad was Wayne Clouse. Hillary began screaming and called Dawn on the phone. The pair chatted and cried all night long. They were in disbelief and shock.

The half-sisters could not believe that they had been living 20 feet apart for months. They even share a driveway and now spend almost all of their time together. 

Hillary said: “We’re pretty much inseparable now, and we know this was meant to be.” The sister shared that their story is proof that people should never give up hope when looking for their birth parents or lost siblings

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