Woman Tries to Trick Cancer Patient into Giving Up His Seat on Bus to Her Child

A man took it to Reddit after arguing with a woman on a bus who asked him to stand up from his seat. He was heading home from the hospital after an exhausting chemotherapy session and badly needed to rest.

The 21-year-old man revealed he was diagnosed with stage-2 nasal cavity cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy for a year.

He confessed that the chemo sessions had taken a toll on his health, and he wasn’t in his best shape when he met the woman on the bus. 

The Redditor with the username BigusSpekus shared that he had a large tumor in his nasal cavity, but it didn’t spread to other parts of his face. The doctors suggested chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor so they could remove it. 

Stage II nasal cavity cancer usually spreads to the area next to the sinuses from the nasal cavity. If left untreated, the tumor can also extend into the bone. 

Thankfully, OP (Original Poster) discovered the tumor early, which allowed the doctors to get rid of it through chemotherapy. The initial symptoms include headaches, nosebleeds, numbness, and pain in the face.

The chemotherapy sessions made OP suffer from alopecia, so he had started wearing a wig to cover his bald head. He also revealed that his eyebrows and eyelashes had fallen out.

She lost her cool and held OP’s arm, trying to pull him out of his seat

One day, after his chemotherapy session, OP got onto a packed bus to go back home. Since he felt weak, he asked a middle-aged man to let him sit.

The man realized that OP was suffering from cancer, so he immediately gave his seat to him. He took a deep breath and relaxed while the bus came to a halt at the next stop. A woman entered the bus with her 12-year-old son. He explained:

“It took her roughly 5 seconds to see the bus was packed, start looking for a free seat, spot me and start marching towards me”

The woman asked OP if he could stand up and let her son sit. OP started to tell her that he was heading back home from the hospital, but she cut him midway, saying she was also in the hospital. 

According to the lady, her kid had broken his leg, but OP could see he was standing without any support. He felt the woman was lying to get her son a seat. She said:

“Look here, BOY, my kid DESERVES to sit down!”

OP politely explained his condition to her, but she refused to listen and started yelling at him. Meanwhile, her son tried to calm her down to no avail. 

She lost her cool and held OP’s arm, trying to pull him out of his seat. Luckily, OP sensed her intentions and held onto his seat to save himself from falling. She loosened her grip when a 60-year-old man emerged from the crowd and said:

“Stop assaulting other passengers or I will be forced to step in!”

The woman got offended and told the stranger to back off, but he kept on arguing with her. Annoyed, the woman punched the man in the face while other passengers looked at her in shock.

The stranger revealed his true identity and told the woman that he was a police officer. He told her she was going to jail for harassing passengers on the bus alongside assaulting a police officer. 

He took out his phone and called the police station. Meanwhile, the woman tried running out of the bus, but other passengers blocked her way. A police van was waiting for the woman two stops later.

When she got off, her son apologized to OP, and the police officer asked him if he would like to file a report against the woman. OP agreed and recorded his statement on the phone since he didn’t have the energy to go to the police station.

The woman was arrested and put in prison for a few months while OP continued his chemotherapy sessions. OP revealed that he went for a final surgery, after which the doctors declared him cancer-free.

Other users congratulated OP for beating cancer and agreed that was the best part of his story. OP also revealed that he didn’t have to wear the wig anymore because his hair was growing back.

After the surgery, patients still have to undergo chemotherapy to kill the remaining cancer cells. OP also went for check-ups after his surgery and posted his story on Reddit while returning home from the hospital in the same bus.

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