Woman Thinks Her Sister Is Pregnant with Her Husband’s Baby and Asks for a DNA Test

A pregnant woman’s elder sister suspected her of carrying her husband’s baby and demanded a DNA test. Their sisterhood suffered an unthinkable jolt in a twist of fate when the results arrived. 

When seeds of doubts bred in a woman’s mind regarding her sister’s pregnancy, she thought DNA would be the only option to prove her husband didn’t mess with her when she wasn’t home. 

Redditor throwrasisternanny thought social media would guide her to navigate her recent fallout with her sister over the paternity of her unborn child.  

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The Original Poster (OP) knew her sister Mary’s husband, Max, before Mary did. They were best friends and worked together around eight years ago. OP thought Max and her sister would get along well, so she introduced them. 

Max and Mary hit it off and married after dating for three years. While everything seemed perfect, OP had to deal with her tumultuous life herself. She was a divorcee and had lost her job, so she had no option but to accept her sister’s offer to move into their house for three months temporarily. 

During this time, OP took care of her two-year-old niece, Maggie. Since Max and Mary both worked, OP did her best to help. She got a job and moved out, but Mary requested OP to babysit her child. Since Max had agreed to pay her for it, OP thought some extra income wouldn’t hurt so she moved back in with them. 

OP temporarily moved into her sister’s house and nannied for their toddler | Photo: Pexels

While Mary worked a regular office job, Max worked from home. OP nannied for their child and eventually noticed a drastic change in her sister’s attitude towards her. There were times when Mary would downright comment about OP looking “flushed” or “messy.” 

OP often reasoned she’d been chasing a toddler all day long, and it made her look messy. Mary would nod, but OP found her suspicions obvious. Mary would even snap at OP whenever she cooked dinner, stating she would do it herself for her family.

The signs became evident after things turned tense between Max and Mary. Meanwhile, OP’s pregnancy added more fuel to her sister’s doubts. Mary suspected Max could be the father and asked OP for a DNA test. OP and Max were shattered but booked the test to prove Mary wrong. 

OP’s sister accused her of being “flushed and messy” while she wasn’t around | Photo: Pexels

While awaiting the results, Mary kicked her husband, convinced he cheated on her. OP came to Max’s rescue, offering him shelter at her place, even if she knew this wouldn’t sit well with Mary, whose suspicions were further fueled. But OP simply wanted to save Max the added expense of paying for a hotel and he had nowhere else to go because his parents were out of the country. 

After a brief wait, the DNA test results arrived, and a jolting truth came to light.

Max and OP wanted to mend their relationship with Mary but were clueless about navigating from there. OP posted her story on Reddit, citing “How do we get things back to normal?” and sought guidance to solve her problem. 

OP was frustrated and clueless about how to set things straight | Photo: Pexels

Several Redditors flooded OP’s post with insightful comments to help her get through this distressing phase. User Outrageous-Bit-5603 advised:

“You can’t until she gets professional help because SHE is the problem. She needs therapy and probably medication as well. I’d just go NC with both until she gets her mind right. She also owes you a massive apology.”

OP responded she was unsure if her sister would take medication due to addiction issues in their family. However, she agreed that no contact would be the only option until Mary got her head straight. 

Max and OP take a DNA test | Photo: Unsplash

After a brief wait, the DNA test results arrived, and a jolting truth came to light. It turned out that Max wasn’t the baby’s father. However, Mary wasn’t convinced and still believed her husband and sister had hooked up behind her back.

Though Mary was aware of OP’s one-night stand with a guy and promised to help her track him down, she shifted her focus on the odds of her sister and husband’s affair.

Frustrated, Max decided to file for divorce. However, Mary argued that it only proved further that Max wanted to leave her so that her sister could be a better wife for him. That’s when OP realized what could be wrong with Mary.

OP’s sister was unmoved by the DNA test results | Photo: Pexels

Max and OP were sure Mary had some mental well-being issues, mainly after returning to work. Everything from OP moving in, being friends with Max, and taking care of their daughter sparked doubts in her mind. 

Eventually, Max and Mary decided to mend things and opted for therapy and counseling together. Meanwhile, OP took a step back and chose not to be around her unapologetic sister anymore. 

“I’m pregnant and stressed and don’t really need that energy in my life, so I think that maybe some space is needed,” OP concluded. She also recounted she would subject the guy she believed was her baby’s father to a DNA test. 

OP decides to step back from her sister | Photo: Pexels

Do years of love and trust fall off a cliff due to doubts surrounding a partner’s infidelity?

Despite knowing each other for six years, Mary couldn’t stop suspecting her husband of cheating. At some point, she firmly believed he could be the biological father of her sister’s baby. Some claimed Mary could’ve felt replaced after OP moved in and needed therapy. Do you think therapy and counseling would heal the scars of their damaged relationship? Or would their relationship be better off ending in divorce?

Do you think things would get back to normal between OP and her sister?

Despite their tumultuous past, OP still loved her sister and considered Max her best friend. But she didn’t want to be around Mary and her doubtful attitude and unapologetic behavior, which deeply stressed her. OP said she wanted some space to herself, and only time will tell if the two would rejuvenate their sisterhood in the future.

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