Woman Thinks Her Husband Is Cheating on Her and Decides to Come Home Early

After a woman suspected her husband was cheating on her, she decided to post her story on Reddit. She followed other people’s advice and came home early from work to see who her husband invited to their house behind her back. 

The woman confessed that she found long hair strands on the bathroom walls while cleaning. She was surprised because her husband was bald and she had short hair. 

She decided not to confront her husband first and keep an eye on the bathroom walls. After a few days, she noticed a pattern and concluded that someone had been visiting the house in her absence. 

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The woman posted her story on Reddit saying she didn’t want to tell her husband that she suspected he was dating a “longer-haired woman.” However, she decided to talk to him about it, and his reply made her more curious. She explained:

“I asked my husband about it and he just shrugged.”

She was surprised watching her husband talking about the hair strands so casually. She found a couple of more strands a few days later and told her husband about it. 

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Once again, he dismissed her suspicions and said he was as surprised as she was. OP (Original Poster) felt her husband pretended not to care about it and was hiding something from her.

She saw an unfamiliar pair of shoes by her door as she stepped inside. 

She posted her story on Reddit and asked other people what to do because thinking about how the hair came inside her bathroom was driving her crazy. 

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Since the woman confessed that she found hair in her bathroom whenever she returned home after long hours, some users asked her to go home early. 

OP followed their advice and asked her boss for a half-day. She also considered installing a hidden camera in her house but dismissed it, thinking about her husband’s reaction if he discovered it.

When she returned home, she expected to see another car parked outside her house but was surprised to see there was none. But she saw an unfamiliar pair of shoes by her door as she stepped inside. 

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To OP’s surprise, they were men’s shoes. Confused, OP stood beside the door, thinking whether she should sneak inside or let her husband know she was home.

But as she stood there planning her next move, her husband appeared with two cups of tea in his hands. OP smiled at him and decided to play along. She explained:

“I asked my husband how he could have known I was coming home early to make me tea?”

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OP confessed she had expected her husband to lie, but he surprised her by telling her who was there in the house. He confirmed it was not a woman.

It turned out, one of his friends lost his job and had no place to live, so he allowed him to come to their house to freshen up before job interviews. OP’s husband also lent him his clothes. 

OP’s suspicions vanished when her husband revealed that his friend had long hair and a beard. That explained how the long hair appeared in their bathroom.

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She asked her husband why he hid it from her and discovered that he believed she wouldn’t allow him to enter their house. He also explained that his friend felt ashamed of his situation and didn’t want other people to know he was couch-surfing. 

The woman posted the second part of her story as a separate post, and people were surprised to read it. kellogsnicekrispies replied they felt good knowing OP’s story had a happy ending.

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However, MrsMcBasketball felt there was something wrong with the story. She explained that she found it odd that OP’s husband would hide his friend from OP. In any case, she wrote:

“But if you believe him then all power to you. Wish you the best.”

Another user named enathan5 was also suspicious about OP’s husband’s explanation. “I wonder if your husband isn’t having an affair with Dave,” wrote the user. 

The readers’ opinion was divided. Some Redditors felt OP made up the story, while others supposed her husband lied to her. A few users also felt happy for OP knowing her husband wasn’t cheating.

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Do you think OP should have installed a camera in the house?

OP thought about installing a hidden camera to see who visited her house in her absence but chose not to do so. Some people might believe she should have installed the camera to clarify her suspicions. However, some people might agree that installing the camera meant she was breaking her husband’s trust. 

Would you trust your husband for his word or investigate further if you were OP?

Some Redditors believed OP’s husband was lying. They would probably suggest she investigate the situation further. However, others might think that OP did the right thing by trusting her husband since she met his friend and confirmed that he was jobless and needed a place to live. 

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