Woman Takes Son’s Fiancée’s Ring and ‘Forgets’ Where She Leaves It, Then Learns It’s ‘Cursed’

A woman took it to Reddit after her mother-in-law took her ring and refused to return it. To get it back, she made up a strange story that got her into trouble. 

The 26-year-old woman revealed that she recently got engaged and found her mother-in-law (MIL) very interfering. Her Reddit post depicted she didn’t like her MIL’s nosy nature.

Her MIL’s curiosity became unbearable for the girl when she took her engagement ring in her absence. The girl came up with a strange lie to get it back, without thinking about the consequences.

Before jumping into the main story, the Redditor shared that she had been renovating a part of her house, and her MIL had visited her place multiple times saying she wanted to help, but all she did was interfere in the girl’s life. 

One day, the girl went to her martial arts class like she did every other day. However, when she returned home, her engagement ring was missing from her jewelry dish. She explained:

“I do a martial art and take my engagement ring off before class.”

Worried, she went to her mother-in-law and asked her if she had seen her ring. To her surprise, her MIL said she picked the ring from her room and gave it to a jeweler to get it cleaned. 

When the girl realized her MIL had no plans to return her engagement ring anytime soon, she instantly came up with a believable lie.

When OP (Original Poster) asked her MIL about the jeweler, she said she couldn’t remember the name. OP felt her MIL was pretending to remember the name and believed she hadn’t given it to the jeweler.

However, OP decided not to react to what her MIL did and waited for a couple of days to see if she would return her ring. After some days, she asked her MIL about it and got the same response.

Her MIL said she couldn’t remember the jeweler’s name and that she had been so busy that she didn’t get time to pick the ring from the jeweler’s shop, to which OP replied:

“Wow, I really feel for that jeweller… hope nothing happens to her.”

When the girl realized her MIL had no plans to return her engagement ring anytime soon, she instantly came up with a believable lie.

After hearing her reply, her MIL asked what she meant. She explained that her Brazillian grandmother, who was quite superstitious, had performed a traditional ritual on the ring to keep it safe. She wrote:

“I told her that my superstitious Brazilian grandmother had performed some traditional ritual on it that’s usually known to curse anyone who takes or handles the ring other than the owner.”

OP’s MIL believed her and asked more questions about the practice. Since OP wasn’t telling the truth, she made up stories to back up her lie. 

She told her MIL that the burglar who stole her mother’s ring couldn’t escape the house because a cement pillar fell on him. Her MIL got scared after hearing OP’s fake stories. 

The following day, her MIL visited her house in her absence and left before she returned. When she returned home, she saw her ring sitting right where she left it a couple of days ago. She explained:

” It didn’t look any cleaner than it had before lol.”

A week later, OP realized that her lies didn’t work in her favor. She had received a call from her MIL abusing her grandmother because she got into a minor accident.

Unfortunately, her MIL had started believing that all the terrible things happening to her were because of the curse. When OP told her husband about it, he scolded her and said she shouldn’t have lied.

Her reaction made OP feel she might have gone too far with the lies, so she posted her story on Reddit to ask other users for advice. 

tnscatterbrain found OP’s lies to be hilarious. The user said that OP’s MIL deserved the curse because she took her ring without her permission. They asked OP why did her MIL take the ring, and that was she unhappy with the engagement, to which she replied:

“She’s never vocally disagreed with the engagement but she has definitely interfered, I personally think it was just to mess with me or keep it from me.”

Most users supported OP, saying she did the right thing. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a girl who was horrified to discover why her sister wanted to foster a teenager. 

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