Woman Takes DNA Test, Thinks It Was a Mistake, Then Accidentally Uncovers Old Family Secret

A woman wanted to retrace her ancestry and prove to her mother that she wasn’t Native American. But the results revealed an unsettling detail about her family tree.

Redditor wyczstarz was curious to try DNA testing and explore her ethnicity estimates. For years, her mother claimed that her grandmother was Native American. The Redditor was sure it could be untrue and wanted to prove her mom wrong. She secretly tested her DNA.

She wasn’t surprised when the results showed her as zero percent Native American. The real shock came from the part that she was also zero percent Eastern European, whereas she was Polish. She was suspicious and began investigating.

The Original Poster (OP) claimed that her great-grandparents were Polish immigrants. Even her paternal grandfather spoke Polish when young. She doubted the accuracy of the results. The OP explained:

“I started digging around through my DNA relative matches. I had matched with an extended cousin with my mom’s maiden name, living in the state that she grew up in.”

She was now aware that the DNA analysis was indeed hers. She narrowed her doubts down to two possibilities. One, her dad wasn’t her biological father. Or her Polish grandpa wasn’t her father’s birth dad.

She claimed she resembled her father. So, it was unlikely they weren’t related. However, she was concerned that her dad didn’t look like his father. She added:

“In fact, my grandfather and many of his siblings had a striking nose that my sister and I had often rejoiced in not inheriting.”

The OP contacted her grandmother and pressed her for more details. The grandma denied her claims. She told her gran about testing the Polish side of the family. However, the grandma dismissed the idea. The Redditor had her doubts right there.

Two days later, her grandmother called her sister and confessed the truth. The OP was shocked to know that her father was lied to about his ancestry his entire life. She explained:

“When I first noticed the inconsistencies in my DNA test, I had an early idea who might be my bio paternal grandfather. Basically, my grandmother had a long-time “family friend” that she had known even before my grandfather.”

The OP’s gran and her friend remained in contact for years until their partners passed away. The two married each other in the ’80s. Their kids from previous marriages had grown up together and were the OP’s aunts and uncles now.

Over the years, there were mild speculations that her gran’s friend could’ve also fathered her dad’s brother. But nobody took it seriously. The OP ordered a test kit for her sister’s friend, one of her biological grandfather’s grandchildren. The OP matched with her as a cousin though they shouldn’t have been biologically related.

Some advised the OP to leave her grandmother at peace.

The OP told her gran about it. Finally, the grandma confessed the truth. She claimed that her husband, the OP’s paternal grandpa, was sterile. She said that all her three children were biologically her friend’s, and it was mutually decided to be done through artificial insemination.

The OP couldn’t get this accuracy as her dad, and his siblings were born in the 1950s. She took to social media to seek guidance on the odds of her grandmother’s claims as she’d doubted the practice of artificial insemination in the ’50s.

Several users commented in the thread in an attempt to help OP with her dilemma. User sowellhidden said the OP’s grandma could’ve been trying to avoid humiliation and added: “The fact they were later married makes me suspect they were in love all those years but didn’t believe in divorce or something.”

Redditor Narfi1 suggested that whether the grandma cheated or not is personal to her and was nobody’s business. However, some users argued that it was the concern of the OP’s father as his biological father didn’t raise him. User Narfi1 responded, saying:

Some jokingly told the OP that her family was confusing. The OP responded saying: “Oh yeah. And I thought it was bad before I accidentally started up a game of “who’s my granddaddy.”

Some advised the OP to leave her grandmother at peace. Even her mother thought she was overly obsessed with the findings and refused to admit that she had no Native American ancestry.

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