Woman Takes Boyfriend’s Phone and Accidentally Reads Messages from an Unknown Girl

A dinner date ended up wreaking havoc on a young woman after she accidentally read a flirty message from an unknown girl on her boyfriend’s phone.

A 26-year-old woman turned to social media and shared how a “private” message notification on her boyfriend’s phone unlocked his infidelity. People from the online community showed their overwhelming support and told her it was time to say goodbye to him.

After a rocky three-year relationship with her ex, Redditor custardprincess decided to take a break from falling in love again. She’d lost trust in love due to her ex’s cheating history and was determined not to date another man. But she soon changed her mind after meeting a guy, 25. 

OP’s boyfriend left his phone with her | Source: Amomama

The Original Poster (OP) liked him, and love blossomed again in her life. The couple hung around often, and it seemed like the best days of her life.

However, OP wanted to establish herself in the newfound relationship and took time to know the guy better. She took baby steps to navigate their connection and finally convinced herself that he was the one.

The couple connected well and didn’t shy away from sharing each other’s pasts. OP told him how her ex cheated on her, putting her in emotional stress she never wanted to have again. The guy promised her he would never repeat the same thing, and she blindly believed him.

OP blindly believed her new boyfriend | Photo: Unsplash

The two dated for a while, and eventually, an important work commitment demanded OP’s time, and she had to leave immediately.

She recounted they managed the distance well, and everything seemed perfect. They promised each other to remain loyal despite the distance between them.

OP wanted to be sure because she didn’t want to go through an emotional breakdown again. Two weeks later, she returned and met her boyfriend.

OP returns from her work trip and meets her boyfriend | Photo: Unsplash

The couple went on a dinner date as planned. OP’s partner left his phone with her because he had scanned the menu for ordering their food. As she rummaged through the menu, an Instagram message from another woman addressing him as “my love” popped up. She asked her boyfriend to let her read the entire thread.

OP’s boyfriend told her he owed money to the woman and had to be a bit “friendly” with her.

The guy refused and intensely argued with OP. He later allowed her to go through the text, and OP grew restless as she scrolled through their messages, one by one.

She read the flirty text thread between her boyfriend and another girl | Photo: Unsplash

Their flirty text exchanges and meeting plans left her in utter disappointment. They were professing their love for each other, and it was evident they were in a relationship. OP was shattered and decided to end things then and there.

After reading her story, people from the subreddit “relationship-advice” flooded her post with some guidance. Redditor BNenni advised:

“Do not give him another chance. I did this in the first year of my relationship and he continued to do the same things for the next 9 years. Please don’t give him the chance to do that to you.”

OP decided to cut things with her boyfriend | Photo: Pexels

Relating to a similar narrative on a Quora forum, user Edward Anderson stated, “Don’t bother. The relationship is over. It was over when you realized you didn’t trust him. I know that you realized you didn’t trust him because if you trusted him, you wouldn’t have had any reason to snoop on his phone.”

OP’s boyfriend told her he owed money to the woman and had to be a bit “friendly” with her. She was unmoved and promised herself not to let herself be manipulated again. 

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