Woman Takes a DNA Test to Check Her Ancestry Breakdown and Discovers Unknown Siblings

A woman opened up on Reddit after taking a DNA test and discovering she had four half-siblings. A million questions popped into her mind after going through the results. In the end, she found the secret explaining the results. 

The woman found her ancestry breakdown very strange when she looked at it for the first time because she wasn’t expecting her results to reveal she was partly European when her parents were not. 

At first, she laughed at the results thinking they must be wrong. Then she realized the chances of the DNA test yielding erroneous results were very slim. 

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The Redditor revealed that her parents were Morrocan, so she was surprised to learn that a big percentage of her ancestry was European.  OP explained:

“I ended up getting 55% European, 45% North African.”

Confused, she opened the relatives section of the results and discovered she had four half-siblings―two sisters and two brothers. OP was shocked. She immediately shared the results with her friend, explaining how she felt. 

She immediately shared the results with her friend | Source: Unsplash

Her friend was also shocked and suspected the results were incorrect. Curious, the woman searched the possibility of error in the results and discovered that it was improbable. 

Looking at the surnames of each of her half-siblings, she realized they all belonged to different families.

A few search results on the internet suggested the only possibility of an error could be an incorrect relationship. OP (Original Poster) immediately realized there were no errors since her half-siblings were younger than her. She believed they would have been older than her to have a different relationship with her. 

She researched about DNA tests on the internet | Source: Unsplash

The realization formed so many questions in her head. “Did my dad cheat on my mom? Did my mom cheat on my dad?” she asked herself. 

She could feel her heart pounding thinking about the possible scenarios. But after much retrospection, she came up with a rational answer to all her questions. 

Looking at the surnames of each of her half-siblings, she realized they all belonged to different families. They lived in different places but had a 100% European ancestry.

She studied the DNA test results in detail | Source: Unsplash

OP also searched her half-siblings on Facebook and sent photos of them to her boyfriend. He admitted that OP resembled all of them. 

After looking at all the facts, OP concluded that her biological father must have donated to a sperm bank resulting in him having children living in different places.

“Well, that doesn’t really matter. My dad has always been my dad. Genes really don’t matter,” she thought. However, she started feeling bad for herself after realizing she didn’t share any genes with her father.

She searched her siblings on Facebook | Source: Unsplash

She shared her experience on Reddit, warning other people not to use the DNA testing kit unless they were ready to face the results. Ozdiva replied that something similar happened with his friend, explaining:

“She found out her siblings were all from 2 sperm donors.”

OP updated her post after she contacted one of her half-siblings. He confirmed that they shared the same father and showed her a copy of the form he submitted at the sperm bank. 

She posted her experience on Reddit | Source: Pexels

She added that she didn’t plan on telling this to her parents, nor is she angry at them. She sympathized with her father thinking about what he went through while her mother conceived her.

Since OP’s brother was sleeping when she got the results, she told him about it the following day. To her surprise, her brother said he suspected something similar since he overheard his parents discussing how expensive it was to have children.

After reading other people’s supportive comments, OP felt more relaxed. She thanked other users and shared she was curious to know what her birth father looked like. 

She updated her Reddit post after reading the comments | Source: Unsplash

Would you tell your parents about the test results if you were OP?

OP chose to hide the results because she felt her parents would feel ashamed if she talked to them about it. She sympathized with her father and decided to remain silent. Some people might think she did the right thing. However, others might disagree, considering that the girl should talk to her parents because they would clear her doubts better.

Should parents tell their children about their birth parents in such cases?

When the woman first saw the results, she thought one of her parents cheated on the other. The same thought might have created a lot of misunderstandings between the woman and her parents. Some people might agree that the situation would have been different if OP’s parents had informed her about her biological father earlier. On the other hand, some people may believe that it’s hard to open up about such things in front of children. 

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