Woman Sees Husband Kiss Her Son after Installing Hidden Camera to Prove He Was Cheating

After seeing her husband cheating on her, a horrified wife took it to Reddit to ask other users for advice. The hidden camera footage revealed something she had never expected. 

The 47-year-old lady recently noticed a change in her husband’s behavior. He had stopped showing interest in her, and the physical intimacy in their marriage had ceased to exist.

Her husband’s strange behavioral change made the woman think he was having an affair with someone. To her surprise, the other person was none other than a family member. 

OP (Original Poster) revealed that her husband was being secretive about his phone, which made her curious. She wanted to know what he was trying to hide from her. She explained:

“When I checked it he had changed his passcode so I checked his laptop and same thing change in password.”

The couple had always shared their passwords, so OP felt suspicious when she couldn’t unlock her husband’s phone and laptop. She sensed something was not right.

To see if other people were feeling the same way, OP talked to one of her husband’s colleagues about his behavior. To her surprise, his coworker also admitted that his behavior was odd.

After checking into her hotel room, she opened the camera app on her phone, and the footage left her speechless.

OP was sure her husband was having an affair with another woman. Her husband’s coworker suggested hiding a camera in the house and monitoring it while she was away for work trips. 

The coworker also offered a camera that she had used to catch her ex-husband cheating on her. OP wasn’t sure if she should spy on her husband. She explained:

“After a lot of internal debate I decided to do as she said and I bought a camera I could watch through my phone as I prepared for a short business trip.”

OP wanted to keep an eye on the main door to see who came to visit her husband, so she placed the camera at an angle that covered most parts of the living room, including the main entrance. 

As usual, she left home for her work trip but kept an eye on her husband through the camera. After checking into her hotel room, she opened the camera app on her phone, and the footage left her speechless.

The worse thing she expected was watching her husband meet a woman behind her back, but the reality was something else. She caught him kissing her 25-year-old son.

OP felt devastated after watching her husband cheat on her with her son. She felt her life was ruined, and she didn’t want to go back and face her husband and son.

She posted her story on Reddit while sitting in the hotel room and asked other users for suggestions. Most Redditors felt sorry for OP. GoDavyGo replied:

“You need to see a therapist. This is too big for you to handle on your own. I’m so sorry.”

Another user named Imranvfa advised OP to go back, get a divorce and kick her son out because having a relationship with one’s stepfather is unacceptable. 

Since OP still wasn’t sure about leaving her husband, Euphoric_Team5818 suggested taking some time to think about her next steps. Some red flags can help people decide whether they should leave their cheating partner.

According to Insider, one of those signs is when your cheating partner refuses to accept their mistake and believes they haven’t cheated. That’s when a person should walk out of the relationship immediately. 

Another Redditor suggested OP gets in touch with a divorce lawyer to know her options before confronting her husband. They believed talking to a lawyer would help her decide what was best for her. 

Most Redditors sympathized with OP while telling her what to do next. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a woman who discovered her husband left his girlfriend for her, and the stress caused his ex to miscarry. 

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