Woman Sees Daughter for the First Time since a Misdiagnosis Left Her Blind for 15 Years

After enduring years of being visually impaired, a woman got her sight back and was greeted by the unrecognizable presence of her daughter and other relatives. Her reaction was priceless.

Over fifteen years ago, Connie Parke began noticing abnormalities in her vision, prompting her to visit the ophthalmologist. After undergoing a series of tests, the experts informed her she had detached retinas, diseased retinas, and cataracts.

She also received the heartbreaking news that her impairment could not be corrected surgically. Hence, all she could do was wait helplessly until she became completely blind.

A picture of Connie Parke and her daughter | Photo: Twitter.com/nowthisnews

Parke recalled losing 85% of her sight within six months and eventually becoming unable to see again. Living as a visually impaired proved too challenging for her. She explained:

“I couldn’t believe it until I started hurting myself. I was getting lost, falling downstairs, falling upstairs and setting myself and my house on fire.”

The Colorado woman had to relocate to Denver to attend a school for the blind. It enabled her to relearn how to carry on her usual day-to-day activities like vacuuming, cooking, walking, and reading.

She also learned to partake in some of her favorite outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, ice skating, and camping in a bid to keep laughing.

Focusing on things she could do rather than things she couldn’t kept the 59-year-old from falling into severe depression. She recalled:

“I just lived life as much as I possibly could the way I did before I lost my sight.”

Equipped with adequate knowledge, life became more bearable. However, she still lacked the ability to see the faces of those that mattered to her, including her husband, daughter, and many grandchildren. All she could do was “see them with her hands.”

She carried on that way for 15 years until she encountered a life-changing miracle. In 2018, she received a referral to the UCHealth Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Eye Center. Following a series of tests, the ophthalmologist, Dr. Sue, told her she had been misdiagnosed. 

He confirmed she had no detached retinas of glaucoma and advised her to test for cataracts. He also reassured her she could be operated on and had the chance of regaining her sight.

Immediately, her fifteen years of impairment came flooding back, leaving her resentful of the doctors that diagnosed her years back.

However, after undergoing her first surgery to successfully seeing in her right eye, all that resentment dissipated and was replaced by gratitude. They operated her left eye shortly after, giving Connie 20/20 vision in both eyes to everyone’s surprise.

Connie was excited to see again, especially as it meant she could finally see her beloved daughter for the first time in fifteen years. She also got to see her nine grandchildren. No one looked the way she remembered, except her husband.

What surprised the woman most was her looks, as she admittedly failed to recognize the older person staring back at her in the mirror.

Having her life returned to normal once more, Connie was more determined to take back the last fifteen years of her life by doing everything she couldn’t while visually impaired.

Topping the list are taking adventurous vacations, watching the grass grow, and keeping a full-time job as a clerk at UCHealth. Looks like Connie has the remaining decades of her life all figured out.

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