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When Alec felt a strange pain and fainted, his dog Timothy walk around him, barking at strangers for help, but no one responded, except for a woman, who would soon learn there was more to Alec’s sudden fainting than she could have imagined.

“Calm down, boy!” Barbara said as she patted Timothy’s head. He was constantly barking and pulling her shirt while she was busy talking to the doctor on call. “Yes, doctor. So is he fine now? Is there anyone in his family I can contact and let know of the situation?”

“The patient is still unconscious, ma’am, so we don’t know that,” the doctor replied. “But thanks that you contacted the ambulance and informed us. If he hadn’t been taken here on time, it’d be difficult to save him. In fact, I would term it was a miracle.”

“But what had happened exactly to him, doctor?” Barbara asked curiously. “He didn’t exhibit any unusual symptoms of a serious illness.”

Timothy led Barbara to Alec’s house | Photo: Shutterstock

“Well, we have found a strange substance in the patient’s bloodstream, ma’am,” the doctor explained. “We have successfully injected it out of the body, but we need to conduct some tests to verify what exactly it is.”

“A strange substance in the bloodstream? But, doctor—” Before Barbara could finish her sentence, Timothy jumped on her, and her phone fell far away on the ground.

Barabara lost her cool. “Enough is enough, doggo! I’ll have to tie you up if you don’t calm down. Understand?” However, despite Barbara’s warning, Timothy continued to bark.

Soon, she noticed that he’d run away at a distance, only to return and pull her shirt as if he wanted her to go somewhere. When he kept doing that again and again, Barbara realized Timothy was trying to tell her something. She finally decided to follow the dog, which led her to a series of houses. Does that man live in this locality? Is that what he’s attempting to convey to me? She thought to herself.

She knelt and asked Timothy gently, “Do you live here, or do you know someone who can help us?”

Timothy kept barking until Barbara listened to him | Photo: Unsplash

Timothy bolted away at Barabara’s remark, and his collar snagged on the ground in the process. As Barbara looked closely at the collar, she noticed an address and phone number on it. “If you found this, contact Alec Stoker,” the belt read, “House no. 301, Contact number: 202 555 0191.” Barbara followed the dog, thinking it was the owner’s address, and eventually came to a halt at the house’s front door.

She rang the doorbell several times, but no one answered. She assumed Alec lived alone and was about to leave when the door burst open. “Hello, how may I assist you?” She heard a male voice behind her.

Barbara froze in place as she turned to face the man. He was a carbon copy of Alec! But what was even stranger was Timothy’s outburst when he saw the man. He was barking at him in the way that dogs do when they see strangers.

Given that it was the owner’s home, Barbara could tell something wasn’t quite right from Timothy’s barking. But she tried her best not to show it.

Barbara froze when she saw Alec’s carbon copy at the door | Photo: Pexels

“Does Alec Stoker stay here?” she inquired with the man, hiding her suspicion.

“Oh yes, he does. I’m Ben, his twin brother,” he answered. “By the way, why is Timothy alone? Where is Alec?” 

“Well, he was rushed to the hospital this morning because he wasn’t well,” Barbara answered. “Thanks to Timothy, I was able to figure out where he lived.”

Surprisingly, Ben seemed unconcerned that his brother had been rushed to the hospital. He didn’t even inquire about the hospital. Instead, all he told Barabara was that Timothy should stay with her because he was allergic to dogs. At this point, Barabara was convinced that the man was concealing something, so she rushed out of the Stokers’ home and dialed 911.

Barbara called the cops and informed them of the situation | Photo: Pexels

About ten minutes later, the cops arrived at Stokers’ residence. They were stunned to find Ben there. It turned out he was on the run as a wanted criminal and had run away from his Texas cottage two days prior after looting an elderly couple’s home. Officers were notified of the incident this morning, and they were on the lookout for him.

Furthermore, when the cops arrived and searched the house, Timothy led them to a trash can where a poison bottle was discovered. At this point, Ben had no choice but to confess everything. He said he needed money and was in debt, so he decided to sell his parents’ inheritance to pay off his debts.

However, that couldn’t be done until Alec was dead because the loan he’d taken from the thugs was a lot, and his share of the inheritance was barely enough to cover it. So he tried to poison Alec with a substance that wouldn’t show any signs of poisoning right away.

Ben tried to poison Alec | Photo: Pexels

He had also planned to run away with the property papers that very day, but when he saw Barabra at the door and Timothy through the door hole, he realized he couldn’t do that anytime soon. He waited for them to leave, but before he could escape, the cops arrived.

“I shouldn’t have opened the door for you losers, and especially that stupid dog,” He glared at Timothy. “That dog ruined everything. But I will return soon.” 

“We’ll see about that, Mr. Stoker,” the officer said as he handcuffed him. “For now, the prison will be your new home.”

Later that day, Barbara and the cops visited Alec and informed him about the whole incident. He was in tears when he learned what Ben had done to him. “I was a bit surprised when he showed up at home suddenly. Ben had not visited me in 10 years, but he said he came to Florida looking for jobs.”

Ben was arrested | Photo: Pexels

“We’re sorry for what happened,” one of the officers said. “But please come see us once you’re well because you need to answer some questions about your brother’s past.”

“Our department will also reward Mrs. Barbara Matthews for calling the hospital and reporting your brother to the police,” the officer continued. “But you should thank her as well.  You would have been in grave danger if she hadn’t called the ambulance right away.”

Alec turned to Barabara and thanked her. “Thank you for your assistance. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for your help.”

“It’s all right, Mr. Stoker,” Barbara said, smiling. “But I shouldn’t be the one you should thank. You should thank your little friend too!” She stepped briefly outside and returned with Timothy, who couldn’t stop jumping around Alec and licking his face as soon as he saw him.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. Due to Timothy’s help, Ben was arrested for poisoning his brother.
  • Learn to be indifferent and help people in need. The way Barbara helped Alec without expecting anything in return is a brilliant example of this.

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