Woman Said She Felt a Wave of Relief after Putting on the Ring Her Late Grandmother Gave Her

One night, a woman felt the urge to wear her late grandmother’s ring. She felt relieved when she slid it on her finger and kissed it. The following day, a strange incident made her realize what that urge was about.

The woman shared her story on Reddit four years after her grandfather’s death. She revealed that her grandfather was a healthy and active man with no medical issues.

The entire family loved having him around and felt devastated when his health started to deteriorate suddenly. He had started visiting the hospital regularly because of his medical condition.

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After his treatment had begun, the doctors were sure he would get better within no time. The woman felt sad for her grandfather while describing his health condition in her post:

“He went from a goofy ice cream loving man that watched old western movies all day, to a shell of a man running through the hospital thinking he was batman (funny, but sad).”

She also added that her grandfather used to have small conversations with the family members when they visited him, which made everyone feel he would get better within no time. 

OP’s grandfather was a jolly man | Source: Unsplash

OP (Original Poster) and her family returned home after her grandfather’s health improved. Two days later, she felt a strange urge to wear her late grandmother’s ring. 

Her grandfather’s death reminded her of the strange urge she felt the night before.

Her grandmother had passed away a few weeks before, and she had gifted one of her rings to OP. She quickly took out the ring and slid it on her finger. 

The woman wore her grandmother’s ring | Source: Unsplash

Suddenly, she felt the urge to kiss the ring. As soon as she lifted her lips from the ring, she felt relieved, and tears started to trickle down her cheeks. She explained:

“I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders and started crying.”

The following day, OP discovered that her grandfather had died last night. Her aunt had been trying to reach them, but her mother had left her phone in the kitchen and couldn’t answer her call. 

OP’s aunt tried calling her mother all night | Source: Unsplash

Her grandfather’s death reminded her of the strange urge she felt the night before. She believed the two incidents were connected. She explained:

“I believe this was my grandpa telling me to kiss the ring”

OP didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her grandparents before their death, so she believed kissing the ring was a way to say goodbye to her grandfather. At the end of her post, she asked other Redditors if they had experienced something similar. 

OP believed her grandfather said goodbye to her before his death | Source: Unsplash

A user named lokisreturn shared a similar incident that happened to him while he was working in his office. He felt someone grab his shoulders from behind, but no one was there when he turned around.

A few moments later, he received a phone call from his family telling him about his grandfather’s death. He revealed his grandfather used to hold his shoulders in the same way.

The Redditor believed it was his grandfather trying to say goodbye before leaving this world. Another user named puddleduckss shared that she and her mother’s family dreamt about her grandfather’s death while he was alive.

The man received a call from his family | Source: Unsplash

She woke up crying in the middle of the night and felt like she was about to get some bad news. The following day, she discovered that her grandfather had passed away when she woke up crying.

The Reddit user also revealed that she saw her grandfather in her dreams a few times after his death, but she isn’t sure what that means. 

The Redditor saw a bad dream before her grandfather’s death | Source: Unsplash

Ohhhitsashhley replied to OP’s post saying she felt relieved after reading her story because she also faced something similar when her grandfather passed away. She explained:

“My grandpa died early one morning and around the time he died I woke because I felt like something was just wrong.”

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