Woman Reunites with Biological Father 42 Years after His One-Night Stand with Her Mother

One night resulted in the birth of a woman who would always wonder about her father. Finally, after more than four decades, she was reunited with him. 

A £99 (about $130) DNA test led a woman to discover who her birth father was. The 41-year-old shared her story this month and detailed that she was stunned by what her ancestry test told her. 

Kelly Pinkney, a London resident, recently found out who her dad and first cousin were. She spent hours tracking them down via social media, and eventually, she was able to reach Saeed Sotoudeh—the father she always longed to meet. 

Without her dad by her side, Pinkney grew up as an unhappy girl. She expressed that she felt “different” because she moved around to different foster homes after being taken away from her mother. 

By the age of nine, she had run away from foster care multiple times. She was placed in a Gainsborough, Lincolnshire home called Danes House Children’s Home. Here, she started wondering about her past.

The young girl began to wonder about her father. Pinkney realized most of the family on her mother’s side were fair-skinned with light features. She, on the other hand, has darker skin with dark brown hair. 

Pinkney said: “That was really hard as I was in a children’s home, so I was different anyway. I didn’t have a family, and I was also different because I had color, and no one else did.”

When she moved back into her mother’s house as a ten-year-old, she started asking about her father. Her mother told her she was conceived during a one-night stand in a London hotel. While her mom could not remember his name, she knew he was Arabic or Egyptian.

As a teenager, Pinkney welcomed her own son, and she eventually became an ambulance driver. She decided to do a 23&Me test because it was on a sale offer. Five weeks later, she had the results. She was 50% Persian. 

The test revealed Pinkney’s family history, and she was able to connect with her father. After a few dead ends, she managed to find two girls, whom she suspected were her cousins. Her suspicions were correct. 

Eventually, she reached Sotoudeh, who still resided in London. He stated that Pinkney’s mother looked familiar and said yes to the DNA test. The results confirmed that he was Pinkney’s birth father. They met for the first time at the start of 2021.

Pinkney shared that since she has contacted her dad, she feels complete and like she belongs. She said:

“When I found out, I cried uncontrollably for an hour. I couldn’t stop. I thought of all the hurt and pain.”

Despite the pain, there were also feelings of relief because she finally knew who she was. Pinkney plans to meet some of her other cousins and grandmother soon. She is grateful for the DNA test and looks forward to making up for all the lost time with her father.  

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