Woman Receives Voice Messages from Stranger for a Year Then Learns They Were for a Deceased Man

Many of us avoid taking calls from numbers we don’t know for fear of someone trying to sell us a product or, in the worst-case scenario, a stalker. However, one woman’s consistent and innocent dial-ins brought everyone to tears. 

Twenty-eight-year-old TikTok user Waifoodd.png or @waifoodd.png did what anyone would do after receiving a multitude of calls from the same strange number. She blocked it.

Recently, the TikToker decided to clear out her old voicemails and came across one number she had blocked, which had left many voicemails for over a year. What the 28-year-old discovered upon listening to them was heartwrenching. 


Taking to TikTok, Waifoodd.png shared this story with Adele’s song “Easy On Me,” playing in the clip’s background. With her hand over her mouth, looking shocked and with a slight tear running down her cheek, the overlay text read

“POV: You’re just trying to clear out your old voicemails and notice a number you don’t recognize in blocked numbers.”

The TikTok user explained that this mysterious individual had been leaving her these voicemails since August 7, 2020. The content of these messages was beyond touching yet simultaneously sorrowful.

Waifoodd.png said the messages were emotionally filled with inaudible sobs and someone telling another individual that they miss them and hope they’re okay. The TikTok user eventually realized what was happening, with the overlay text explaining

“It’s this old lady leaving voicemails to her unalive husband.” 

She played one of these voicemails for her fellow TikTokers where they can hear an elderly woman letting her purportedly dead spouse know that she has been thinking about him. The social media user then panned closer to herself as she appeared to be tearing up even more. 

Taking to the comment section, @waifoodd.png asked her fellow netizens the best approach to the situation. The TikToker enquired

“Should I answer her call or maybe just let her keep leaving voicemails – this might be her way of coping. 🥺”

The majority of individuals advised her not to answer, with many sharing experiences of how they used the same method to cope with their grief.

This grieving old lady will receive the blessing of dealing with her pain in her own time. However, one woman, moving past her dad’s death in the same manner, eventually got a response from the stranger she never knew was on the other side of the phone. 

Chastity Patterson grieved her father for a long time, who passed away in a car accident in 2015. She sent a text message to her dad’s cellphone number every day to cope with the loss. 

One day, four years after his death, she decided to send her dad one last message, ready to let go. Suddenly, she heard a beep from her phone. It was from a man, but he was not her father. The man said to her that he wished his daughter were alive to grow into the type of woman Patterson is.

Rather than make her angry, the unknown man touched Patterson and, in an interview, explained that it reawakened her spiritual side.

Whether by phone, prayer, meditation, or any other methods, we all have ways of letting go of the ones we hold most dear, hopefully healing our hearts sooner rather than later. 

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