Woman Plans to Hide Siblings’ True Paternity and Later Inherit Everything from Their Dad

A 38-year-old woman took it to Reddit after discovering a shocking truth about her siblings’ paternity. She took a DNA test and shared the results with her parents.

The woman revealed that her father had disliked her all his life because he believed she was not his daughter. He accused his wife of cheating and convinced her that OP (Original Poster) was not his child.

OP’s brother and sister also insulted her, saying she “owed” their father because he kept him in his house. They also objected when she inherited from their grandparents’ estate.

The woman posted her story on Reddit under the username Global_Rich2165 saying she had been hiding something from her siblings about their paternity. She explained why she never said anything mean to her siblings:

“I put up with it for years because they are younger and honestly not that bright.”

Her siblings always made her feel unwanted, but she stopped caring about their words after her father bought her a DNA testing kit on her 13th birthday. 

She took the test and was shocked to discover that the man she called “dad” was her biological parent, which meant her mother didn’t cheat on him before she was born.

OP’s mother begged her to stop her sister from taking the ancestry test.

However, her father still refused to accept that she was his daughter. He accused OP and her mother of “sleeping with the test guy.” 

OP took an ancestry test to confirm her paternity, which revealed she was related to all of her father’s relatives. She expressed how she felt after seeing the results:

“I have also done a ancentryDNA test and also matched with all his relatives, so i’m pretty sure that unfortunately he is my bio dad.”

OP also revealed that when she got her ancestry test done, her sister also wanted to take it. To her surprise, her mother accepted that OP’s sister wasn’t her biological daughter.

OP’s mother begged her to stop her sister from taking the ancestry test. OP obliged and told her sister it was a “waste of money” because she didn’t want her sister to feel sad after knowing the truth.

Recently, OP received a notification from the ancestry test company, leading to a shocking revelation. It showed that her brother’s ex-wife bought two ancestry test kits for her children. OP explained what the results suggested:

“And lo and behold my brothers kids only seem to share relatives from my moms side.”

The results depicted that OP’s brother wasn’t her father’s biological son. After discovering the truth about her siblings’ paternity, OP had started thinking about her father’s will.

Her father once gave her a copy of his will, stating that his estate would be equally divided amongst his biological children. She was sure he didn’t change his will after she received the copy. She asked other Redditors if she should inform her siblings about the will, saying:

“WIBTA if I did not tell my siblings, and just let this play out at the will reading? Take everything, and kick them out of the family home?”

OP confessed that even if she kicked her brother out of the family home, she would still set up funds for her nephew because her brother doesn’t support his children financially. 

She also shared that her husband thinks it’s not right to kick her siblings out of the house because they are not educated enough to support themselves financially. However, OP disagrees with her husband and thinks she should keep her father’s will a secret. Faeraday replied:

“NTA considering how they treated you. If this was only about your father (and they hadn’t treated you any differently), then you would be TA.”

Another user named PleaseCoffeeMe suggested OP secretly discuss the case with a lawyer. She also asked her to keep the will a secret because otherwise, her siblings would become defensive and try to change the will.

Most users supported OP because they believed her siblings deserved to be treated this way. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about three men who followed a petite girl on a stranded bridge but stopped in their tracks after hearing a stranger call out her name. 

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