Woman Loses Teeth at 21 and Is Terrified Her Husband Will Leave — He Buys Her New Ones

After a woman lost her teeth at a young age, she had fears that her husband wouldn’t feel the same about her. However, his reaction surprised her and gave her newfound confidence. 

New Yorker Alicia has been called the biggest catfish globally, and it’s a label she is proud of. After she fell pregnant, the health of her teeth deteriorated rapidly.

She didn’t feel pretty and thought her husband Josh might walk away from their relationship. She said her husband was left with a spouse that didn’t look the same as when they got married. 

A woman lost her teeth and looks completely different after her husband bought her dentures | Photo: TikTok/princxssglitterhead


Alicia started sharing her story online and garnered a massive following. Her millions of viewers applauded her for speaking about her dental struggles

During the first year of her marriage, she started losing teeth at a rapid pace. The process made her feel worthless, but fortunately, Josh stayed by her side. In fact, she credited him with carrying her through that difficult time of her life. 


Her teeth loss led to feelings of depression and also affected her intimacy with her husband. Her honest clips on TikTok and Youtube resonate with many users.

On her page, @princxssglitterhead, she described how her canine teeth “literally broke out at the gum line.” Her first attempt at wearing metal dentures was unsuccessful. This experience shattered what little confidence she had left.

She was dealt yet another blow when she discovered she had an autoimmune disease after the birth of her fourth child. Alicia said“In those moments, it can break a marriage, it can break a person.”

Amid her struggles, she also had to deal with bullying and people who called her a witch. She said she was lucky to have a husband who stayed by her side. Alicia added: “He bought me my new teeth when I needed them.”

Alicia warned her followers about their views and illusions of relationships. She expressed that any couple can face challenges like hers. She was proud to share that she had recently reached her 16th wedding anniversary with Josh. 

Her husband also made a feature in one of her videos. He stated: “It was sad for me to see you so emotional. I wanted you to be happy about yourself.” Alicia then asked him a tough question. She wanted to know why he stayed with her. 

Josh replied: “We’re always going to be together, no matter what happens.” Alicia wears her sparkly dentures almost every day now and has a great sense of self-confidence. Her followers called her beautiful and encouraged her to keep sharing her story.

One netizen thanked her for being “real,” and another said they appreciated her transparency. Alicia’s struggles have given many others the confidence to embrace dentures, regardless of age.  

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