Woman Lied about Her Daughter’s Paternity – Now She Wants a DNA Test

A woman refusing to back up her sister’s lie about her daughter’s paternity took it to Reddit and asked its users if she did the right thing by advising her sister to stop lying already. 

The woman shared that her sister had a past she refuses to talk about. She called it “a phase” of her life she didn’t want to discuss anymore. 

As a result of that phase, her sister gave birth to a daughter who recently turned 22, and who has no clue her mother had been lying to her her whole life. OP (Original Poster) wishes her sister would already stop hiding the truth from her daughter.

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OP confessed that her sister dated a girl when she was young, and they decided to have a baby. They tried reaching out to multiple sperm banks to no avail. OP explained:

“They decided to separately hook up with two different guys they would meet at a bar.”

OP knew her sister was getting herself into trouble, but she didn’t say anything. After some time, she discovered her sister was pregnant while her partner wasn’t. 

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OP’s sister gave birth to a girl and named her after her girlfriend’s deceased mother. They loved the baby immensely and raised her together until they decided to part ways.

When OP’s niece decided to take an ancestry DNA test, things took a different turn.

After two years, the couple broke up, and OP’s sister raised her daughter as a single mother. And after her daughter turned 10, she decided to get married. 

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Their parents were happy to know that her sister had finally settled with a man. They were ashamed back then when she was dating a woman.

Meanwhile, OP revealed her sister hatched a story regarding her daughter’s paternity, making OP promise never to reveal the truth to her daughter about that “phase” in her past. She recalled:

“My sister made me swear we would tell her daughter that her father and my sister dated and were together for a while but broke up when he moved to a different state and that he never wanted to be a father.”

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But when OP’s niece decided to take an ancestry DNA test, things took a different turn. Since OP’s sister didn’t know the real name of her daughter’s father, she made up a fake name. 

OP feared the test results would reveal his real name and her niece would contact him and discover the truth about her birth, and that her father never dated her mother.

OP’s sister was prepared for this moment. She planned on telling her daughter that her father was lying and left her because of his girlfriend.

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Fed up with all the lying, OP opposed this, telling her sister to just tell her daughter the truth once and for all, but her sister thought she was being unreasonable.

OP posted her story on Reddit to ask other users if she was at fault. Lacroix24601 replied that OP wasn’t at fault and suggested she stayed away from everything. She wrote, “Why can’t she just say she had a one-night stand for fun?”

AmethysstFire also agreed that OP wasn’t at fault for telling her sister to stop lying. She pointed out that the problem with lies is that you need to keep on telling more lies to cover them up.

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impostershop suggested for OP to stay away from everything and refer her niece back to her mother if she asks about her father. Another user named Belf17 replied:

“NTA, your sister lied and you are not forced to participate in that lie.”

The user said that OP’s sister was “too deep in it to abandon the lie” because she had been concealing the truth from her husband for 12 years and from her daughter for 22 years. 

OP’s sister was too deep in the lie to abandon it | Source: Unsplash

What can we learn from this story?

  • Sometimes, telling the truth is better, even if you feel that doing so might get you into trouble. OP’s sister was stuck in a difficult situation because she hid the truth from her daughter. 
  • It’s not always a great idea to agree and support someone else’s lies. If OP had refused to back up her sister’s story when she was young, things would have turned out to be different. 

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