Woman Kicks Pregnant Lady Out of House, Then She’s Forced to Defend Her Mother’s Last Wish

Roughly six months after his wife’s death, a man remarried his girlfriend and had her move in. His daughter decided to fight for her late mother’s dying wish after her stepmother tried to kick her depressed 16-year-old sister out.

Many believe that family always comes first. But what happens when you are caught in a quarrel between two loved ones? Redditor Pitiful-Heron faced that dilemma when she had to choose between her sister and dad.

The Original Poster (OP) and her teen sister were distressed after their mother’s passing. They were still grieving their mom’s loss when their father remarried another woman. He moved her in, and she started to take charge of the house.

The children thought it was their dad’s take and left things to time. However, the OP started getting regular hearsay from the sister about the woman bossing around in their house. She explained:

“My sister says that that woman has removed all of our family pictures from the main living area. She has removed our mom’s pictures as well.”

The sisters had to deal with their stepmom’s antics daily. One day, their father and she announced they were pregnant. The OP’s sister didn’t take it lightly and broke down. 

However, she tolerated her stepmother for her dad’s sake. But the woman tested her temper the day after her 16th birthday bash. The OP added:

“The night of my sister’s 16th birthday party, she brought a lot of friends over…My dad’s wife, who was out with our father on vacation, returned the same morning and lost her cool when she saw the kids passed out on the living room.”

Her dad was aware of the party but returned home earlier than usual. His wife started arguing with the OP’s sister. She condemned the teen, saying she was a burden on her dad like her mom. She asked the girl to pack her stuff and move to her aunt’s place.

The teen informed her sister about the incident. The OP lost her temper. She stormed to the house the next day and gave her dad and his pregnant wife a week to leave. She told them the house belonged to her as her mom had willed the property in her name. Until then, her stepmother was clueless the house belonged to the OP.

The OP was worried about her dad challenging her mom’s will.

The Redditor knew she was in the wrong for kicking a pregnant woman out of her house. However, she stood her ground to save her sister from being shamed by them. Her father condemned her and decided to challenge her mom’s will. After facing the dilemma, she turned to Reddit for advice.

Overwhelmingly, several users came to the OP’s defense. Redditor beatissima praised the OP for taking a stand for her sister. The person’s response read: “It’s good that you are protecting your sister from her gold-digging evil stepmother because your father clearly lacks the decency to do it.”

Another user summed up a reply that read: “They can’t kick someone out of a house they don’t own. The only thing OP might have trouble with is the “1-week” bit. They’ll have to be evicted legally, and that’s at least 30 days.”

The OP was worried about her dad challenging her mom’s will. She claimed that her dad didn’t have much ground to stand as theirs weren’t marital properties.

The OP’s mother never included her husband’s name in the will and only wished for her daughters to own her inheritance.

The Redditor eventually decided to abide by the legal norms and give a month’s notice before evicting her dad and stepmother. Meanwhile, she went to live with her sister in their ancestral home.

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