Woman Kicks Grandmother Out of House After She Tried to Convince Her Partner to Discipline Son

An old-fashioned grandmother who strongly believed “non-masculine men” belonged in the trash visited her granddaughter. She was furious after seeing her great-grandson’s painted nails and rushed to the woman’s partner.

Redditor throwaway5yas moved in with her boyfriend and five-year-old son to care for her mom diagnosed with terminal cancer. She had the certificates and felt she was the only one who’d take proper care of her mom. However, it was a temporary arrangement.

The Original Poster (OP) and her partner planned to sell their home and get a bigger one so that her mom could move in with them. While everything seemed perfect, OP had to deal with her grandma’s stereotypical attitude towards her son.

OP started dating her partner when her son was a year old. Her husband was missing in action, and given that, her boyfriend willingly accepted OP’s son as his own. She explained:

“My son is his everything. I think he likes him more than he likes me. Probably why he hasn’t left, let’s be honest.”

If there were one thing that troubled OP, it would be her gran’s old-fashioned views. Because of this, she claimed she’d never had a proper face-to-face conversation with her.

OP’s grandma is an old-gen woman. She firmly believed that men need to be super masculine and women doting homemakers. Though OP tried explaining that she wasn’t in the ’50s anymore, the gran stuck to her perspectives. OP added:

“Now, my son likes to paint his nails whenever I do. It just so happens that we painted our nails the day before yesterday and he chose a really vibrant lime green, his favorite color, mine as well.”

The gran spotted the tint on her great-grandson’s nails during her casual visit. The vibrant green shade on the boy’s nails annoyed her. She felt disgusted because, in her opinion, boys don’t paint nails.

Since OP’s son attended a remote school, she felt her son wouldn’t be bullied. She also claimed that little boys painting their nails along with their moms is common. However, her gran had some bitter views and took it to OP’s partner.

Her family members left abusive messages on social media stating that her son would grow up with feminine traits.

The grandma made her way to him and started complaining about his job to impose masculine traits on his son. She condemned him, saying that there was no point in raising the boy if he couldn’t do even this much. OP had lost her cool.

She couldn’t digest how her grandma criticized her son, particularly when she mentioned disciplining the femininity out of her kid. In a fit of rage, OP lashed out at her grandma. She explained:

“I instantly kicked her out. She said something like, “This isn’t your damned house. You get the [expletive] out.” It was insanely childish for a minute.”

OP’s mother overheard their argument and came out immediately. She shouted at both of them. She heard both their sides and broke out on the spot. She thought both OP and her gran were in the wrong.

After reading her post, several users sided with OP and explained she was right to take a stand for her son. User Eve-3 commented:

“Your boy is already growing up harassed by your grandmother. Maybe next time she is there, your boyfriend can ‘show some masculinity’ by telling her to shut up and go cook something.”

User EffectiveStatus7 was appalled by the gran’s attitude. The person said that OP’s grandmother was doing this not because she wanted him bullied but she wanted to cherish her old-fashioned mindset.

After the incident, OP’s relationship with her gran became rocky. Her family members left abusive messages on social media stating that her son would grow up with feminine traits. However, OP stood her ground and decided not to follow in their old-fashioned ways.

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