Woman Inherits More than the Other Grandchildren and It Causes a Rift in the Family

A 24-year-old woman took it to Reddit after discovering that her grandparents left her a hefty amount as an inheritance. Her cousins demanded she share her money with them because they didn’t get much. 

A woman revealed she was devastated when her grandparents passed away because they were essential to her life. She confessed she always went the extra mile to take care of them.

However, her cousins couldn’t accept that she got a lot more money from their estate than them after their death. A family feud sparked when everyone discovered how much money she received.

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The Reddit user named Exiledcousin posted her story after her cousins asked her to share her grandparents’ inheritance money with them.

Her grandparents were very wealthy and owned multiple businesses. They had five children, thirteen grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren, but they left a sizeable inheritance to the woman since she was very close to them. She explained

“I’m the “baby” of the grandchildren and have always been really close with them.”

OP spent a lot of time with her grandparents | Source: Pexels

The OP (Original Poster) would help her grandparents pack Christmas gifts and decorate their house every year. Some years back, they asked their grandchildren to help them with their business, but no one stepped up, except for their youngest grandchild who worked for them for free. 

She felt she deserved the money they left for her.

She also frequently visited their horse training club with her father to look after the horses and clean the stalls.

She helped her grandmother pack Christmas gifts | Source: Unsplash

When OP’s grandmother passed away, the family discovered her will, stating how her hard-earned money would be distributed. It said that her children would receive $85,000 each, while the grandchildren would get $2,000 each, except for their youngest who would be getting a lot more. OP revealed:

“What wasn’t expected was for them to leave me a little over $45,000 along with some other things of value.”

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OP confessed she was shocked to see how much money her dearest grandparents left for her. On the other hand, her cousins couldn’t accept the truth. They were furious and asked her to split the money evenly among the thirteen of them, but she didn’t feel comfortable doing that.

Unlike her cousins, she believed her grandparents left her more money because she cared for them and was always ready to help them. She felt she deserved it.

She also believed she didn’t have to share her inheritance with her cousins, but watching them fight over money made her feel terrible. She never thought “money could tear them apart.”

She had never expected her cousins to fight with her over money | Source: Unsplash

While OP knows her grandparents’ money could change her life – she could pay her $10,000 student loan with it and save the rest for her future expenses, part of her wants to divide the money equally among her cousins to keep the peace.

However, she also understands that her grandparents left her the money for a reason. Regardless, she confessed:

“I feel like I’m single-handedly tearing the family apart.”

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OP’s aunts and uncles refused to talk to her father until she shared the money with their kids. Feeling terrible, she asked her fiancé for advice, and he told her not to share the money. She explained:

“I don’t want to split the money (it could really help me) but I feel that they could be playing me by making me choose between them and it.”

Confused, she decided to post her story on Reddit to ask other people for advice. panic_bread replied, saying OP should keep all the money because her cousins don’t deserve it. 

She posted her story on Reddit to ask other people for advice | Source: Unsplash

She believed OP’s cousins were wrong in thinking the money belonged to them because of the lineage. She also said that OP needs to honor her grandparents’ wishes and keep the money to herself, adding:

“Also, like you said, this money can positively change your life and give you the good start you need.”

Meanwhile, itsmeagainjohn replied, “Money really does bring out the worst in some people,” referring to OP’s cousins.

Other Redditors told her not to share the money | Source: Unsplash

Other users also shared what they inherited from their grandparents. A Redditor replied that their grandfather gave them his watch before passing away, and it’s “one of their most treasured possessions.” addywoot shared that he received his grandfather’s Walmart Timex.

In general, most Redditors told OP to keep the money to herself.

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