Woman Helps Injured Stranger Who Became Her Husband

One woman, feeling sorry for a man who was hurt, pretended to be dating him so she could keep him company in an ambulance. Neither could have imagined that this innocent white lie would eventually turn into something tangible and genuinely magical. 

One night in 2012, all Kristin Johnson wanted to do was enjoy a night out at the annual street party in her residential district of Buckhead, Atlanta in Georgia. Nevertheless, what was meant to be a fun party turned violent when a fight broke out. An unknown individual was attempting to deescalate the situation.

Then, one of the aggressors punched him in the face. The stranger had a gash on his face, similar to what Kristin sustained when she was a cheerleader. She offered to drive with him in the ambulance, and though he was unsure at first, he appreciatively accepted her proposal. 

On their way to the hospital, the two began to learn more about each other. Kristin found out that this injured stranger’s name was Cody Johnson, that he was a structural engineer and born in Ohio. 

When they arrived at the ER, Cody’s friend Rebecca soon rushed over where she found the situation humorous and began to take pictures, which they still have until today. Kristin then added them as Facebook friends, not thinking too much of it at all.

The very next day, this cute man she had kept company messaged her via the social media platform, thanking her for her kindness and asking if she would like to go for dinner with him. Kristin said yes, and three years later, in 2015, the two were walking down the aisle together. Reminiscing, the now-wife expressed

“I… quickly came to realize he was the one for me. And it’s safe to say we have been inseparable ever since!”

Kristin is still in awe of what she deems as the serendipitous nature of their meeting, believing that God brought them together. The mother and spouse has said:

“I truly believe that after 7 beautiful years together, and two wonderful children later, we were meant to meet each other at the right time.”

How did you meet your partner, wife, or husband? Do you believe that it was simply by chance or that the love of your life came into your life at the exact right time and the exact right place—almost as if it had been planned out? 

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