Woman Helps Deliver Best Friend’s Baby, but Then Spots Rare Birth Defect on the Child’s Neck

It only took one rare congenital disability combined with one second of realization for one’s woman’s world to turn upside down. However, she wasn’t about to let this new information define her and her future. 

A mother of 4 from Wickenburg, Arizona, 36-year-old Hailey Custer, decided to help her best friend give birth. However, once her companion had delivered, it left this mom in absolute shock. 

What Custer did next was even more amazing.

After hearing whispers that her friend was with child and had no place to stay, Custer decided to lend a helping hand. The best friend we wished we all had, aided her pregnant confidante through all the milestones, assisting with the delivery, giving the newborn its first bath, and much more. 

When they returned from the hospital, Custer changed the baby but suddenly noticed something strange. The mom expressed:

“When she [the baby] turned her neck the birth defect popped out. When they’re babies it is really hard to see, and I wasn’t looking for it.”

A haunting realization washed over her. Custer said she then looked over to her best friend, whose shame-filled body language confirmed her suspicions. 

According to this mother, Custer’s husband of 6 years, 36-year-old Travis Bowling, has the same congenital disability, leading her to allege that he cheated on her with her best friend. 

Custer shared the news on her TikTok account. With “Know Yourself” by Drake playing in the background, the overlay text on the clip read

“I was in the delivery room for my best friend’s baby. It turned out to be my husband’s baby!” 

This, according to her, isn’t the first time Bowling has been unfaithful. Custer has purported that Bowling has been with, at the very least, 30 other women while they were together.

The social media user has continued to make TikTok videos concerning the painful incident. In one clip, the mom used overlay text again, penning

“You think you can hurt me my best friend let me in the delivery room when she birthed my husband’s baby without my knowledge of it being his.”

In another video, she answered a question from a viewer. They asked if there were any signs of the alleged infidelity beforehand. The TikToker said that she wasn’t aware of any wrongdoing at the time, but looking back, there were some indications that she didn’t notice until now.

While the realization was shocking in and of itself, what Custer did next was even more amazing; she chose to forgive them both, even letting her best friend stay at her house. The mother of 4 expressed:

“I kept thinking of my kids, at the end of the day that is their blood sibling and I’m not going to be the one who causes harm to that child.”

Both the apparent best friend and Custer have chosen to stay silent on the issue. However, as one can tell, Custer has been quite vocal through the use of social media. This proud mama has chosen to speak her truth and take her power back. 

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