Woman Has No Idea She’s Pregnant until She Sees Tiny Feet on Ultrasound Few Minutes before Delivery

A woman thought she was experiencing terrible cramps, but there was something else going on. She was pregnant and had no idea that she was about to become a mother. 

This month a woman shared the story of her pregnancy, and it has netizens terrified. The TikToker revealed that her daughter Madi was born without any warning signs.

Mom Kayla Nicole Simpson didn’t experience typical pregnancy symptoms and even shared that she purportedly got her “period” while she was pregnant. Simpson also didn’t have a baby bump.


The new mom felt perfectly fine up until the day of her labor. In fact, she worked a double shift the day before her little girl arrived. Despite the sudden and significant life adjustment, she seemed cool, calm and collected in her online clip.

Many online users asked her how she was so “chill” after experiencing something this “traumatizing.” Simpson seemed to be adjusting to mom-life pretty well and expressed that she was overjoyed with the birth.  

The Indiana University student detailed the life-changing day and stated that she thought her appendix had burst. She was in so much pain and couldn’t even speak. When she arrived at the hospital, a doctor quickly ruled out a burst appendix.

He suggested getting an ultrasound because he suspected she might have a cyst. However, the scan revealed something incredible—Simpson’s baby’s little feet. The woman screamed from the pain and the shock.  


Simpson expressed: “Next thing I knew, I was screaming in pain, and you see like little feet on the ultrasound, and I start screaming so loud.” She was quickly rushed to the delivery room, and a few minutes later, baby Madi was born.

The TikToker has given her child a cheeky nickname. She refers to her daughter as “Frat Baby.” This is linked to the child’s father. Both mother and child are doing well, and Simpson adores showing off her little one online.

Netizens had a lot to say about the unexpected pregnancy. For many, it was their worst nightmare. One user shared that it encouraged them to take a pregnancy test. Another added: “New fear unlocked.” 

People also asked to see pictures of Simpson days before the birth. Many applauded her for how she handled the shock, and others wished her well. 


A commenter wrote: “I hope postpartum is treating you well.” Despite the various online comments, Simpson is loved up with her daughter.

In a recent video, she shared short clips and photos of her baby. Simpson’s life has been changed forever, but according to the TikToker’s profile, it appears to have changed for the better.  

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