Woman Has Affair with Husband’s Stepfather – Husband Asks for Advice

A man turned to Reddit when he discovered his wife of four years was in a relationship with the man his mother married two years back. 

The man confessed he used to argue with his wife a lot, but he loved and respected her in his heart. He treated her like a queen, paying her bills and taking her wherever she wanted to go.

He explained she was still studying and didn’t work, so he worked overtime to earn extra cash. OP (Original Poster) thought he was living a happy married life with his wife until he found out the truth. 

Before jumping into the main story, timesqstreets explained his rocky relationship with his mother. Because of the bad experiences he had in his childhood, OP didn’t share a close bond with his mother.

She had been through two failed marriages and got remarried to OP’s stepfather two years ago. She invited him and his wife to introduce them to her new husband. He explained:

“He seemed.. Okay. Just really didn’t like his vibe too much. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt because at the end of the day it’s her life, not mine and we aren’t close.”

Recently, OP’s stepfather asked for help while remodeling their house. OP and his wife agreed to help and stayed at their place for a week.

I took an extended screenshot of it, took a few minutes, and mailed it to myself and put the message on unread so she wouldn’t know I saw.

OP’s wife knew a lot about remodeling and construction, so she helped his stepfather more than him. Meanwhile, OP tried reconnecting with his mother and took her out for lunch.

After a week, OP headed back home with his wife. A few days later, his wife started revisiting his mother’s place. OP wrote:

“When the house was finished late spring, they kept hanging out which I didn’t mind. I guess that makes me stupid.”

After her classes ended, she stopped spending time with OP, but their relationship remained unaffected. OP revealed they were trying to get pregnant.

One night, OP’s wife was taking a shower when her phone rang. He was sitting near the phone and didn’t check it until it vibrated more than four times. To his horror, his wife and stepfather were exchanging intimate photos of themselves. He explained:

“I took an extended screenshot of it, took a few minutes, and mailed it to myself and put the message on unread so she wouldn’t know I saw. I really wish I didn’t. “

Reading the conversation made OP realize that his wife had been cheating on him for months. He felt devastated and took a few days off from work to spend some time alone.

OP had no idea how to confront his wife and stepfather. He wasn’t even sure if he should talk to his mother about it, so he asked other Redditors for help.

Most people advised OP to contact a divorce lawyer and not tell his wife about it because she might file for divorce, and he would have to pay the alimony.

They believed if OP discussed his story with a divorce lawyer before telling everyone about the affair, he would have more options open to him, and his wife would have no time to retaliate.

In their opinion, it was also unwise to inform his mother without any evidence. Getting evidence before revealing the truth was necessary in this case because his wife and stepfather could deny being in a relationship, and it would be OP’s word against theirs.

Since OP confessed he was struggling to get over the betrayal, many users took this as a sign that his marriage was essentially over. They agreed that cheating was an unforgivable act and explained that he needed to accept that it marked the end of his relationship.

Many emphasized that if his wife chose to cheat on him, it was a sign that she never loved or respected him in the first place. Many commenters felt that it was better to be divorced than to stay in a loveless marriage.

Some users also pointed out that the person OP married four years ago wasn’t the same person he was living with right now. His wife had become a different person, and he needed to accept that.

Since OP mentioned they were trying to get pregnant, some users advised that OP should request a paternity test if she announces a pregnancy now since the child could be his stepfather’s.

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