Woman Gets Messages from Walmart Employee Before He Stalks & Traps Her Near Counter

A woman who started a new job at Walmart received unsettling messages from her coworker. He stalked her wherever she went. One night, he waited for the right chance and trapped her alone.

18-year-old Redditor Jenny10126 was a fresh high-school grad when she started working in Walmart’s jewelry department. She closed the section after her shift at 9 p.m. She was comforted as the store was open 24 hours and people would be around.

The Original Poster (OP) claimed she was from a small town with limited opportunities. While all was well, she experienced her worst nightmare when she ran into a coworker.

The OP’s shift was over when an overnight stocker in his mid-50s walked past her. He greeted her with hi and not a word more. She explained:

“This guy, the only way I can describe him is to say he looks like one of the BeeGees. Shoulder-length frizzy hair, kind of a bouncy hop to his step when he walked.”

There was nothing speculative, and considering his age, he meant no harm. However, she felt awkward as the stocker greeted her regularly.

He’d walk to her during her closing time and say hi. Though she felt awkward, she reciprocated. This weird encounter continued for a few days. She added:

“Then, on my birthday, a few of my friends who worked there got my cake, and I hugged them and said thank you. About an hour later, Mr. BeeGees came around with a birthday card and gave it to my manager to give to me.”

Her manager found it hilarious. The OP was puzzled and freaked out when she read the disturbing birthday wish he’d written for her.  

She was shocked and didn’t know how to react. Her manager immediately grabbed the card and stared at the message that read:

“Happy Birthday. I saw you hugging those guys earlier. It made me really mad, but I called a friend and talked it out, and he made me realize you’re allowed to have friends other than me. Just please don’t hug them anymore. Save those hugs for me.”

They informed the store manager. He told them that the guy would’ve been joking and assured them he would talk to him. The OP mistakenly assumed it was now over.

She didn’t see the stocker for a few days. A week later, the guy returned and plopped an envelope on her table, and hurried away without a word.

She turned around and asked the stalker: “Weren’t you told to stay away from me?”

He’d written his life story, mentioning his childhood and about his father, who was an exorcist. The OP thought it was weird and kept reading.

He’d written about a missing 18-month-old friend and that he could hear her scream his name in his dreams. She was dreaded and filed a written complaint. Two nights later, she met him again. She explained:

“He brought a handcart around with boxes for my department but pushed it into the only opening in the counters, so I was trapped inside. He just stood there and stared at me while I looked at him.”

She thought he would confront her. But he whispered an apology and told her that he didn’t mean to scare her. She pretended he wasn’t there. 

She could sense him watching her. She turned around and asked the stalker: “Weren’t you told to stay away from me?” She added:

“He gave me this gross predator grin and said “(Store Manager’s Name) asked me if I was joking. I told him I was.” Then he leaned in as close to me as he could get with the counter between us and whispered, “But I’m not joking.” Then he walked away.”

The guy stalked her constantly. Another department manager told her that four other people had reported him for similar behavior.

After reading her post, several users discussed employees’ safety at retail stores. User Thatonemilattobitch, who worked as a cashier at Walmart, wrote:

“Walmart is freak central. If you work there, chances are you have a stalker within your first two weeks.”

Redditor Mebediel felt terrible for what the OP went through and asked if she ever ran into him again, considering it was a small town.

The OP eventually quit her job. But 13 years later, she spotted him working at Walmart and freaked out.

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