Woman Gets Large Inheritance from Rich Old Man, Later Refuses to Help Severely Ill Brother

Kicked out by her parents at 18, a young woman inherited a lump-sum from her grandfather years later and refused to help her brother, who was battling cancer.

A 26-year-old woman received a large inheritance from her grandfather after his passing. She became rich overnight but refused to pay for her brother’s chemo treatment, saying “he wasn’t her responsibility.” 

When Redditor throwaway900076’s grandfather died, he had willed his inheritance to be divided between his wife and his oldest grandchild, the Original Poster (OP). 

OP received a huge inheritance from her late grandfather | Photo: Getty Images

He was determined not to include anyone else in the will, not even OP’s brother, because he was too young, and especially not his daughter, OP’s mother, with whom he had a rocky relationship. Besides, OP’s parents were well off and didn’t seem to need to rely on her grandfather’s wealth.

OP was shattered after her grandfather’s passing as she considered him more as her parent than her grandparent. Eventually, she got her share from his fortune, and family members who never even talked to her before reached out to her for favors.

OP was shattered after her grandfather’s passing | Photo: Pexels

Soon, her parents contacted her, asking her to help her younger brother, 15, pay for his chemo treatment. They told her she was wealthy now and could outright afford it.

OP was stuck between choosing between her brother and her newfound wealth. She recalled never getting any money from her parents even though they were wealthy, as well as being kicked out of their home when she turned 18. 

At the time, her parents gave her around $1,700 and asked her to move out so she would learn to live independently. They barely talked to her after that. She suspects this became the main reason her grandfather willed half his inheritance in her name.

OP’s grandfather supported her throughout her life | Photo: Unsplash

Eventually, OP refused to help her brother. She said she wanted to focus on her life and start a family instead of taking up responsibility for a child she didn’t birth. She also felt she already did enough for her brother, right from spending most of her childhood raising him instead of her parents.

OP feels confident about her decision and is determined not to be manipulated by her parents anymore.

Having heard her refusal, OP’s mother yelled at her and swore over the phone. OP hung up on her, but as days passed, she received more backlash from the other family members.

OP’s mother was furious after she turned down her request | Photo: Pexels

Some even left messages on her social media profile, tagging her as evil, thankless, and spoiled. But OP believes it was time she became selfish and turned to Reddit for advice.

As soon as her post went viral, people advised that OP had no obligation to pay for her brother but she needed to tell him she wasn’t selfish. Meanwhile, user edebby stated:

“They are guilt-tripping her into paying the bills, to feel like they got their “fair” share of the inheritance, nothing more…They won’t let anything happen to her brother, and at this age, he’s 100% under their responsibility.”

After a heated argument, OP hung up on her mother | Photo: Unsplash

Meanwhile, Affectionate-Show331 asked OP if she’d misunderstood that her parents were wealthy and that she needed to reconsider if it turned out they genuinely couldn’t afford the treatment.

“There is very little chance they aren’t wealthy,” OP responded, stating her father spent around $20K building a second pool

OP feels confident about her decision and is determined not to be manipulated by her parents anymore. “I knew in my heart that this was probably the best decision I could make for myself,” she stated

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