Woman Follows YouTube Videos to Deliver Her Baby in a Hotel Room on Her Own

Tia Freeman delivered her baby alone in a hotel room in a different country and relied on the internet to make the process go smoothly.

Giving birth is no easy feat, and any mother would agree. From pregnancy up until labor, women experience many challenges.

However, every pregnancy is unique and has its ups and downs. In Tia Freeman’s case, for example, she didn’t realize she was carrying a child until her third trimester.

Freeman barely gained weight and thought her round tummy was due to having less exercise. So when she found out she was pregnant, Freeman remained in denial for a month.

By that time, she had already booked plane tickets to see her best friend in Germany. Not wanting to waste the tickets, she decided to push through with the trip without knowing she would give birth on the way.

In a Twitter thread posted in 2018, Freeman detailed how she nearly gave birth in the airport. Her labor room was just slightly better — a hotel room abroad.

On the plane, Freeman thought she had food poisoning because of cramps. She decided to sleep through the pain only to wake up in a worse state.

At the end of it all, everyone pitched in to help Freeman be comfortable until her flight back home.

Freeman could barely keep it together while going through customs in her layover city, Istanbul, Turkey. “I’m not giving birth in this airport,” she shared. “So I start gassing myself up bc I am NOT having a baby in this airport.”

Freeman knew, however, that her baby was coming, so she decided to turn to YouTube for instructions on how to deliver a baby. As soon as she made it to the hotel room, Freeman filled up the bathtub for a water birth and grabbed the paraphernalia needed. 

“The internet said I shouldn’t start pushing until my contractions [were] 2 mins apart,” she shared. As it turned out, hers were already a minute apart.

After five to six pushes, Freeman’s son came out. The next day, the new mom tried to board her flight with her son to no avail.

Although authorities doubted her intentions at first, they were able to confirm Freeman’s unbelievable story and helped her secure a birth certificate and documentation for her infant.

At the end of it all, everyone pitched in to help Freeman be comfortable until her flight back home. Unfortunately, she never made it to Germany.

Still, she has a crazy story that she will never forget and one that her son will be shocked to learn. Although giving birth outside hospitals and homes isn’t common, it sometimes happens to moms like Kaitlyn Fullerton, who gave birth in a gas station bathroom.

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