Woman Finds Out Stepmom Secretly Put Her Baby up for Adoption When a Stranger Approached Her

A TikTok mom revealed how she had a strange encounter with a woman at a shopping mall, who claimed to be the grandmother of the baby she was carrying. Later on, she discovered it was all a part of her step mom’s evil plan. 

In recent times, the popular video-sharing platform, TikTok, has become a top favorite among people worldwide. Users often share a myriad of interesting and intriguing content, ranging from astonishing real-life tales to hilarious reels and a lot more. 

Oftentimes, the video clips posted on TikTok are so downright shocking that they instantly become a viral sensation. The same holds true for a TikTok woman named Deseree Rose, who shared a jaw-dropping story about her baby. 

Rose, who identifies herself as an “artist” on Instagram and posts videos on TikTok about “her life story of how she survived narcissistic abuse and reclaimed her identity,” shared details of the harrowing experience she had with a complete stranger.

The TikTok user explained that she was out in a shopping mall looking for pretzels when suddenly, an unknown woman approached her. Clearly, she was looking for small talk, but Rose said she didn’t know her at all. 

The woman introduced herself as Wendy and told Rose that they had never formally met before. She then proceeded to make the most shocking revelation ever. 


Furthermore, Wendy claimed that the baby Rose was carrying in her belly was her grandchild. Shocked and confused, Rose asked the woman if she knew or was related to her boyfriend, John. Wendy then responded:

“No, I’m Scott’s mother. You know, Scott and Jerry, the couple that are adopting your baby”.

Initially, Rose thought that the woman was mistaking her for the wrong person and tried to tell her explicitly that her unborn child wasn’t up for adoption. 

However, it soon became crystal clear that Rose’s stepmom, Linda Rose, who happened to be Wendy’s hairdresser, was the one pulling the strings.

Apparently, she had promised Wendy and her family that they could adopt Rose’s baby without asking her permission or even remotely discussing the matter with her. The angry mother-to-be then shared another follow-up video, dishing more details. 

Rose revealed that never for once had she told her stepmother she wanted to give her baby up for adoption. In fact, she had clearly told her stepmom she didn’t want to give her baby up for adoption. 

Furthermore, the TikTok mom shared how she had stopped talking to her stepmom ever since and called her very “controlling.” She also added that the same woman named Wendy approached her once again after her daughter’s birth. 

Several netizens have flooded Rose’s viral videos with likes and comments. So far, the video has amassed around 12.3 million views and more than 2.4 million likes.

One user wrote: “That’s terrifying. What was she gonna do, kidnap your baby and pretend someone else did it??” Another one commented: “Were they going to kidnap your baby? Omg (sic)!!!”

Fortunately, Rose weathered all the storms and was able to raise her daughter the way she wanted. However, we only hope that no mom has to survive such a nerve-wracking experience, especially one involving her kids. 

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