Woman Exposes Mother-In-Law at Christmas, Claims She Broke Promise by Using Fake Key She Gave Her

A woman opened up on Reddit about her mother-in-law invading her privacy. The latter had been asking the woman for a spare key to their house that she could use for emergencies. 

The woman shared how her mother-in-law invaded their privacy when she had a spare key to their old apartment. She confessed she didn’t want to give her a key to her new house. 

She revealed how she handled the tricky situation, resulting in her mother-in-law throwing a tantrum. Her husband and his sister stared at her angrily after what she did.

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The 34-year-old Reddit user revealed that she had married her husband a year ago. After their wedding, the first thing she noticed was that her mother-in-law constantly interfered in other people’s businesses. 

OP (Original Poster) confessed she felt annoyed with her mother-in-law’s behavior, but she couldn’t help it. Her in-laws told her that her mother-in-law “is just how she is.”

Everything was going well until OP and her husband decided to move to their new house. Her mother-in-law asked them to give her a spare key that she could use for emergencies. 

OP’s mother-in-law wanted a spare key | Source: Unsplash

OP hesitated to give her the key because of what had happened in the past. Her mother-in-law walked into their previous apartment unannounced several times. 

Everyone stared at OP’s mother-in-law, and some even laughed at her expressions.

She revealed that her mother-in-law walked in on them twice during their intimate moments. However, her husband let it go because he believed it wasn’t a big deal.

She walked in on them during their intimate moments | Source: Unsplash

OP didn’t want the same thing to happen again, so she decided to give her mother-in-law a fake key. She was satisfied when OP delivered it to her house and never spoke about it until days later when they met for Christmas dinner and she shamed OP in front of the family, telling everyone that she gave her a fake key.

When OP asked her how she discovered the key was fake, her mother-in-law replied that she came to their house while they were not at home. That’s when OP reminded her that she had promised not to use the key unless there was an emergency. 

The family gathered for a Christmas dinner | Source: Unsplash

She made her mother-in-law realize that she had broken the promise by trying to enter their house. Everyone stared at OP’s mother-in-law, and some even laughed at her expressions. OP explained what happened next:

“She suddenly got up from her seat and rushed into the kitchen where she had a huge meltdown so loud the next door neighbors must’ve heard”

OP confessed she had never seen a 60-year-old woman throw a tantrum like that. Meanwhile, her husband and his sister “gave her the looks” while having dinner. 

Everyone headed back home after dinner | Source: Unsplash

Everyone headed back home after dinner. While OP was driving home, her husband said he felt terrible because she had lied, manipulated, and humiliated his mother. OP recounted:

“We had an argument and he is demanding I apologize to his mom for my childish behavior and for ruining Christmas dinner for the whole family.”

She posted her story on Reddit to ask other people if she was at fault. VinnyCapistrano assured OP she was innocent. The user believed OP’s mother-in-law deserved to be exposed and that her husband wasn’t doing the right thing by supporting his mother’s unacceptable behavior. 

OP and her husband argued while driving back home | Source: Unsplash

Another Redditor named CakeEatingRabbit wrote that OP wasn’t at fault. She also pointed out that OP’s husband wasn’t concerned about her personal space and dignity. 

notaverage256 agreed to the comment saying OP’s husband didn’t realize his mother tried to humiliate OP in front of everyone. The user believed OP’s mother-in-law wouldn’t have been exposed if she had talked privately about the key. 

Shortly after, OP updated her post, revealing her husband found out that she had posted everything on Reddit, and he wasn’t happy about it. He asked her for her phone to delete the post, but OP refused. Most Redditors supported OP and believed her husband and mother-in-law were at fault. 

She posted her story on Reddit asking other people if she was at fault | Source: Unsplash

Do you think OP should have called out her mother-in-law when she first entered their apartment unannounced?

OP’s husband thought it wasn’t a big deal when his mother walked in on them during their intimate moments. However, OP was offended, but she didn’t call out her mother-in-law. Some people might agree that if she publicly criticized her mother-in-law at that time, things would have been much better for her.  

Do you think OP’s husband needs to take a stand for her?

Many Redditors found it weird that OP’s husband didn’t say anything to his mother when she walked in on them. They believe he should respect his wife’s privacy and stop his mother from humiliating her. The husband’s unsupportive behavior was one of the reasons why OP posted her story on Reddit.

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