Woman Doubts Hidden Cameras in Hotel Room after Watching TV

A woman took it to Reddit after discovering a hidden camera in the hotel room’s bathroom. The camera pointed into the shower cubicle and recorded clear footage of people showering.

The Reddit user named shuddering-shannon had checked in at a hotel with her husband and teenage daughters after the water heater at their house broke down. The family had planned to shower there. 

The woman’s husband and daughters decided to shower first, so she waited in the room for her turn when something clicked in her mind. She had recently watched shows that warned viewers about hidden cameras in hotel rooms, so she decided to scan the room for cameras. 

When she shared the thought with her husband, he laughed and immediately dismissed her suspicions. After seeing his response, the woman thought she was being overly skeptical. She explained:

“My husband had laughed at me. So I thought we were safe.”

After the woman’s husband and daughters had showered, she stepped into the bathroom and undressed before entering the shower cubicle. 

While enjoying her hot shower, she looked up and noticed something strange. The lamp on the ceiling had an opening around the edges.

OP’s husband lost his cool and held the man by his collar while the hotel’s owner called the cops.

When she looked at the lamp carefully, she noticed a tiny camera placed right beside it. OP immediately screamed, and her husband rushed in to see what had happened.

Terrified, she explained there was a hidden camera attached to the lamp. When her husband pulled the lamp’s cover, the tiny camera fell with its wire connected to the light.

Both OP and her husband felt horrified after discovering the camera. OP’s husband ripped the camera’s wire and furiously marched out of the bathroom. 

The man rushed downstairs and showed the camera to the receptionist, who refused to accept his mistake and accused him of destroying the hotel’s property.

OP’s husband lost his cool and held the man by his collar while the hotel’s owner called the cops. OP explained how her husband didn’t care about the cops arresting him:

“His mentality being if I’m going to go to jail I’m going to make it worth it.”

By this time, OP had showered, so she came downstairs to see what was happening. Another woman who had arrived at the hotel reception asked OP what was happening.

When OP explained that she found a hidden camera in the bathroom while showering, the woman became furious and told her to wait right there while she went inside the owner’s room. 

To OP’s surprise, the woman came out with a knife in her hand and chased the owner. At this point, OP realized the other woman was the owner’s wife. 

A few minutes later, the cops arrived and started investigating. When they asked OP and her husband what had happened, they immediately told the truth and showed them the hidden camera.

After listening to their story, the police asked the owner to take them inside his bedroom to check if he was the one recording videos.

The police discovered hundreds of videos in his room recorded through hidden cameras placed in multiple rooms. They immediately arrested the owner and filed a case against him.

OP shared her story on Reddit to warn other users about hidden cameras in hotel rooms. She asked them to check the rooms and bathrooms for cameras before undressing. 

Another Redditor expressed her concerns for OP and her family and asked if OP got the family’s footage deleted, to which OP replied:

“They said only after being convicted can they destroy evidence and they still have to keep copy’s. Yeah… wasn’t happy about that.”

Another user named loopdiloopdi shared that she has always been vigilant about hidden cameras after discovering that her ex-friend’s fiancé did the same to multiple people.

Most users were shocked at the hotel owner for installing hidden cameras in the bathroom. If you enjoyed reading this story, you might like this one about a man who tried to kidnap a little girl by inviting her into his caravan.

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