Woman Donates Kidney to Male Stranger after Getting Work E-mail about a Donor Search

When a man needed a kidney, he tried every avenue possible to find a potential match. He sent out a request for help in a company newsletter and was stunned by one unlikely response from a woman he barely knew. 

Tim Peterkin and Cathy Slack worked for the same company, but they never knew they would share a unique bond one day. When the Charlotte, North Carolina resident was 25 years old, he discovered his kidney disease.

He managed the illness for years, but in 2019, things started to get worse. He went into kidney failure and was put on dialysis. Doctors told him he needed a transplant, and he started the search. 

Nurses urged Peterkin to reach out to everyone possible. He explained

“Their thing was, ‘Have you done Facebook posts? Have you talked to your job? Have you put yourself out there?'”

In September 2020 BAYADA released its newsletter and included Peterkin’s needs. That’s when someone who was a stranger to Perkins stepped up to the plate.  


Slack was a registered organ donor and a very healthy 60-year-old. She quickly asked doctors to run some tests to see if she was a match. Slack was elated when she got the news.

She expressed: “I’m just so glad we were a match. I’ve got this wonderful man in my life now.” Peterkin was shocked when he heard from his colleague.


He was also amazed by her big heart and stated that he “could almost feel her spirit.” Slack and Peterkin got excited about the procedure together.

He said: “We were on FaceTime going, ‘It’s really happening.’ It was a good moment for both of us.” The kidney transplant took place at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

Slack woke up from surgery and immediately wanted to see her “kidney buddy.” Peterkin also recalled the moment they saw each other after the procedure was done.

He said they were forever bonded and detailed their special connection. He added: “I’m her new brother.” Both of them focused on recovering completely and spreading awareness about the need for more organ donors. 


This year another man also found a match for his kidney transplant in an unlikely place. Twenty-four-year-old Reid Alexander found love on Tinder, and surprisingly, his perfect match was also compatible for a kidney transplant. 

His now-husband, Rafael Dìaz, 28, gave him the gift of love and life. Alexander stated that he never expected how things would turn out, but he is very grateful that Dìaz was willing to donate an organ for him. They are now both happy and healthy!

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