Woman Doesn’t Invite Autistic Sister to Her Wedding Because She Tries to Kiss Her Husband

A bride-to-be decided not to invite her autistic sister to her wedding as her disability might make things awkward for her and her husband. She is now bearing the brunt of her angry parents, who asked her not to contact them anymore.

Deciding on your wedding guest list can be a daunting task. In the wake of the pandemic, having small and intimate wedding ceremonies became a norm in many places worldwide. However, it has also resulted in rifts and family disagreements. 

Something similar unfolded with a 22-year-old woman who is all set to walk down the aisle around New Year 2022. She took to Reddit to share her story in the AITA forum, where her post has garnered almost 2.6K comments in only 5 days. 

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The woman revealed that she was forced to ban her 21-year-old sister, Anna, from her wedding as she has severe autism, which impacts her behavior. In the Reddit post, she also wrote: 

“[Anna] does speak around family though and has pretty bad cognitive skills. She can’t comprehend boundaries and lives with our parents so they can best watch her (sic).”

The bride-to-be also explained that majority of the time, her sister communicated through physical gestures like sign language as she felt a sense of social discomfort. 

The bride-to-be shared her post in the AITA forum, asking for people’s opinions for not inviting her autistic sister. | Photo: Reddit.com/PriyrPo

The Redditor user added that she had planned a simple wedding and reception at her fiancé Michael’s parents’ barn and feared that her autistic sister might ruin her big day celebrations. She also cited the reason for not inviting Anna: 

“I sent out invites last week and I asked that Anna not come. Why no Anna? She has an issue with touching Michael and trying to kiss him (sic).”

The woman knew that not inviting Anna to her wedding might also influence her parents’ decision. Further, she added that whenever she and Michael were at her parents’ house, Anna always tried to be around him, holding his hand or kissing him. 

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Even though she had tried talking to her, she knew her comprehension skills were limited. She then tried speaking to her parents, telling them how important it was for her and Michael to have a normal wedding. She then revealed their reaction:

“My parents called me letting me know they won’t be coming and that it’s best I don’t bring Michael around anymore since I’ve ‘chosen some man over my sister’ (sic).” 

Furthermore, the bride-to-be’s parents also said that she was selfish for banning Anna and had no consideration for her disabled sister, who might never have a wedding of her own and had a tough life to deal with. 

A user leaves a comment on Reddit PriyrPo’s post. | Photo: Reddit.com/PriyrPo

Her parents also said that Anna was unaware of her feelings, and her hugging and kissing Michael was normal for a woman of her age. The woman even offered to hire a carer to look after Anna, but her parents called her out for “pawning off” her sister.

People were quick to share their views on her post. One user wrote: “You’re right. She is incapable of leaving your fiancé alone on the only day she needs to leave him alone. Best wishes to you and your future husband!!”

Another one commented: “Your fiancé deserves to feel safe and comfortable at his own wedding, instead of being worried about being accosted by your sister.”

A user leaves a comment on Reddit PriyrPo’s post. | Photo: Reddit.com/PriyrPo


What the Redditor bride-to-be experienced with her family after banning her autistic sister might seem strange to some people. Still, many times, family feuds are bound to follow on important occasions like weddings. 

When people are putting together wedding guest lists, it can be a difficult decision whether or not to invite estranged relatives. In such cases, it is best to weigh all possibilities. For instance, would they be happy to come, or would they cause a scene?

A 28-year-old New York bride, Madeline, regretted inviting her estranged aunt and uncle after they left horrible comments on her RSVP card. She had largely extended the invitation to please her grandmother, but everything backfired.

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While it is good to mend broken relationships and extend friendly invites to people, your feelings might not always be reciprocated, which can end up ruining your special day and foster negative sentiments. 

We only hope that what the Redditor bride and Madeline experienced doesn’t happen to anyone else and that everyone can enjoy their wedding day celebrations wholeheartedly. 

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