Woman Discovers Sister She Never Knew, Then Calls Her Mother to Get Answers

After a woman received a DNA testing kit as a gift from her boyfriend, she took the test and was shocked to see the results. Her boyfriend admitted he made a mistake by gifting the kit to her.

The woman’s boyfriend posted the story on Reddit, revealing how his simple gift yielded unexpected results. The 30-year-old woman immediately called her mother after reading the results.

Talking to her mother led her to another shocking revelation. Her boyfriend also listened to their conversation and posted the story on Reddit to ask other users for advice.

A Redditor with the username rglurker posted the details of what happened after he gifted a DNA testing kit to his girlfriend that her parents also liked. He explained:

“She finally got around to using it and she decides to complete the process and send it in a couple months ago.”

Things took a different turn after OP’s (Original Poster’s) girlfriend got the test results. After opening the result, she skimmed through the health section and found nothing surprising there.

Excited, she opened the family section and carefully read the details. The first part mentioned the grandparents’ names, and she was happy to see their correct names.

OP’s girlfriend immediately called her mother after looking at the test results.

Next, she saw the names of her parents with a smile on her face. However, her smile faded when she saw the siblings’ section. The results mentioned she had a half-sister. 

OP’s girlfriend read her half-sister’s name again and then went through her details provided by the DNA test company. He explained:

“She looks up the half sister and she does not recognize her but recognizes a few people in her circle.”

Curious, she looked up who her half-sister’s father was and discovered a man named “John Smith” who lived in her town. She wanted to find out who he was.

OP’s girlfriend immediately called her mother after looking at the test results. She put the phone on speaker so her boyfriend could hear their conversation. As soon as her mother answered the call, she asked if she had a half-sister, to which her mother replied:

“Of course not, why would you have a half sister, honey?”

Her mother giggled until she heard the girl’s next question. OP’s girlfriend asked her mother if she knew a man named John Smith who lived in their town.

OP revealed she stayed silent for some time before replying to her daughter’s question. “What about him?” she asked in a serious tone. OP’s girlfriend then explained everything to her mother.

She told her about the Christmas gift and shared the results, but her mother didn’t say anything.  After a few minutes, OP’s girlfriend’s mother asked her if she had said anything to her father, to which the girl replied, “No, I called you first. I figured you might know.”

After a long pause, her mother instructed her not to say anything to her father. She also prohibited her from sharing the results with her boyfriend, not knowing he had heard their conversation. 

Without turning the speakerphone off, OP’s girlfriend asked her mother who John Smith was. To her surprise, her parents had “taken a break” for a weekend 30 years ago.

The woman started dating her ex-boyfriend for a few days and then returned to her husband after their break. After a few weeks, she discovered she was pregnant. 

The woman was sure the child belonged to her boyfriend, John Smith. She gave birth to her boyfriend’s child while her husband thought he was the father. 

OP’s girlfriend was shocked to hear that the man she called her father all her life wasn’t her real dad. She was John Smith’s daughter and had a half-sister who lived with him.

The girl wasn’t sure if she should share the family secret with her non-biological father, and neither did OP know what to do next, so he posted the story on Reddit to see how other people would react to it. Barnickal shared their thoughts in the comments section:

“Your gf needs to be honest about it. But she needs to think about what it will do to her dad and be really gentle with the way it goes down. Tbh her mum needs to do the telling.”

Most users were shocked to read the story and asked OP to support his girlfriend. If you liked this article, you might also like this one about a girl who ignored her mother for most of her life suddenly decided to contact her.

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