Woman Discovered Husband Left Girlfriend for Her & the Breakup Caused His Ex to Miscarry – Life Story

A confused wife took to Reddit to ask other users if her husband was responsible for his girlfriend’s miscarriage that happened a week after he left her. A medical student responded and revealed the truth. 

A Reddit user, rulemarie, met her 26-year-old husband, Brad, at a business meeting. She caught him staring at her while she was giving a presentation.

Later that day, she went out on a date with him and had a good time. However, Brad was hiding something from her that she would only discover after they got married.

After their first meeting, OP (Original Poster), Brad, and other teammates went for lunch. Once everyone was seated, a coworker approached OP.

He asked her to talk to Brad since Brad had been talking to everyone about her. It appeared that Brad had fallen head over heels in love with her.

OP was even more surprised when one of Brad’s female coworkers approached in the restroom and said, “Gee girl, Brad seems to have cupids bow struck with you. You’ve turned him into a nervous wreck. You should go and speak to him.”

After realizing how badly Brad wanted to talk to her, she approached him, and they decided to go on a date together. They both immediately knew they were the perfect match.

After hearing Brad’s confession, OP felt terrible for his ex

The pair tied the knot two years after their first date. OP was happy to have Brad as her husband, but she didn’t know he had kept a massive secret from her.

It took Brad some time to open up about his secret. OP was blindsided when he told her that he had been dating another girl when she met him for the first time. 

He confessed he had been in a relationship with that girl for three years. After his first date with OP, he had immediately visited his then-girlfriend and broke up with her.

When OP asked him why he broke up, he replied that he had a “loveless relationship” with his ex, and meeting OP gave him a reason to part ways with her.

Brad kept his past relationship secret because he was afraid OP might leave him if she knew about it. It turned out Brad’s suspicion was correct. OP explained:

“I would never have continued dating someone who had just broken up with their girlfriend for me.”

The day after Brad broke up with her, his ex-girlfriend discovered she was pregnant with their baby. When Brad found out about it, it was too late as she miscarried a week after finding out she was pregnant. OP suspected that the stress of breaking up with Brad had caused his ex’s miscarriage.

After hearing Brad’s confession, OP felt terrible for his ex. She also felt guilty that the girl had to go through so much stress because Brad decided to leave her for OP. 

Riddled with guilt, OP ended her post by asking other users what they thought. FeistyNeurons suggested Brad’s ex might have faked the pregnancy and miscarriage, to which OP replied:

“I understand what you’re saying and it’s a interesting thought. But surely you’d need to be mentally unwell to make up a pregnancy and a miscarriage?”

OP confirmed Brad’s ex was mentally stable, but it might be true that she was faking the pregnancy. A medical student, notsowoolly, also weighed in and told OP not to blame herself for the miscarriage.

She explained that miscarriages occur for many reasons, and it’s likely the girl didn’t lose her baby because of the breakup. OP replied she still felt terrible for her husband’s ex and explained:

“She basically went from having a boyfriend to not having a boyfriend in a day because I came along and losing a baby in that window must of been awful.”

Another user named AestheticJellyfish shared that her coworker had a miscarriage because of kneeling, assuring OP she wasn’t at fault. The overall consensus was that OP should not blame herself.If you liked reading this story, you might like this one about a woman who was terrified after discovering her partner was living a secret life. 

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