Woman Cries after Receiving Diamond Made with Her Late Mother’s Ashes

A young woman was left completely heartbroken after losing her mother. But when she received diamonds made with her late mother’s ashes on the anniversary of her death a year later, her emotions were all over the place. 

Losing a loved one can take an emotional toll on people, leaving them devastated. While everyone has their own timeline of dealing with trauma and grief, people often look for ways to memorialize their loved ones after their death.

A heart-touching video of a young TikToker, Cassidy Laner, is making rounds on the popular video-sharing platform. The short clip shows a teary-eyed Laner who lost her mother a year ago.

TikToker Cassidy Laner shows the diamond created from her mother’s cremains. | Photo: tiktok.com/goodhumans.shop

Laner explains how much she misses her mom every single day of her life. As she wipes away her tears, she can be seen holding a box with “Eterneva” written on it. The young lady then takes out another small black box with a diamond inside. 

The most astonishing and heartwarming part of the video is that the diamond has been created from her late mother’s ashes. Laner then holds the tiny box containing the special diamond in her hand and says “Thank you” to the people who crafted it.

The video, which was shared by “Good Humans” on TikTok, also shows Laner explaining how she’ll always have a piece of her mother with her because diamonds are known to last forever. The viral video has amassed 44.1K views, with several likes and comments. 

TikToker Cassidy Laner shows the diamond created from her mother’s cremains. | Photo: tiktok.com/goodhumans.shop

Eterneva also shared another video of Laner, an Austin-based startup founded almost four years ago that creates diamonds from the cremated ashes or hair of people or pets. The clip went viral, garnering 287.9K views and 13.6K likes. 

Since then, Eterneva has come a long way, creating beautiful diamonds in a range of colors, including black, blue, orange, green, and yellow.

Laner can be seen crying her heart out as she proceeds to open the package containing the diamonds. She also appreciates Eterneva for giving people a chance to be involved in the entire diamond creation process. 

TikToker Cassidy Laner shows the package containing diamonds she received from Eterneva. | Photo: tiktok.com/eterneva

It may sound surprising, but TikToker Cassidy Laner isn’t the only one who wishes to keep a piece of her late mother with her forever. Many people are known to have opted for cremation as a way to preserve their loved ones. 

People can store the ashes of the deceased in a box or bury them somewhere. Some even scatter them in the water. However, some people choose to keep the last remains of their beloved with them at home. 

A housing officer, Glynis Hunt, based in Northumberland, North East England, lost her father, Ernest, in July 2011. The family had him cremated but were torn between deciding what to do with his ashes. 

A red rose placed on a gravestone. | Photo: Pexels

Hunt’s sister told her mother that a medium suggested they take the ashes to Africa. However, Hunt’s mom refused and said she wished for the ashes to be buried in the garden. Regarding the family’s indecision, Hunt shared:

“My advice to anyone else would be, for goodness sake, don’t put it on hold. Get on with it. Do it straight away.” 

Another story is of David and Courtney Simpson from Bedfordshire, East England, who lost their baby in the womb at 16 weeks. Alongside a teddy bear from their daughter Kitty, a tiny blanket, and other special things, they had their baby cremated.

Red and white balloons in the sky. | Photo: Pexels

The Simpsons named their deceased baby Esme and placed her ashes in a wooden box. They decided to tie them to a balloon and scatter them. However, they could not bring themselves around to doing the whole thing. 

What the Simpson family experienced was supposedly a result of their unresolved grief and loss, feelings buried deep down that they didn’t wish to let go of. Being numb or in denial are likely to follow after losing a loved one. 

But what TikToker Laner experienced seems like a completely different take on the idea of carrying a piece of your beloved forever. Thanks to the carbon content in the cremains, turning them into diamonds is possible. 

Eterneva has been doing the same thing for Laner and several other people, giving them a chance to stay connected to their deceased loved ones. Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar founded the four-year-old startup. 

The company’s inception draws on Archer’s personal experience after she lost a close friend, who left part of her cremated ashes to her. A diamond scientist told Archer that the carbon in the remains meant they could be turned into a diamond. 

Interestingly, it was the first diamond Eterneva crafted, following which Archer decided to take the idea forward. She thought it was a great way to give people some “brightness and healing and a beautiful way to honor their loved ones.”

Since then, Eterneva has come a long way, creating beautiful diamonds in various colors, including black, blue, orange, green, and yellow. Talking about the entire diamond creation process, Archer further explained:

“We do it in parallel with their processing grief, which is super isolating. They are usually in a different place with their grief than when they first started.”

Mark Cuban has also invested in the diamond startup, which continues to build its online presence. Indeed, Eterneva is doing a remarkable job in giving people like TikToker Laner a chance to keep a part of their loved ones with them forever. 

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