Woman Claims to Hear a Stranger in Her House but No One Believes Her

A man took it to Reddit after his sister suspected someone had started entering her house in the middle of the night. It all started after she moved into her new home and started receiving flowers from an unknown person.

The woman told her brother about her suspicions when they met at their Aunt’s party. At first, her brother refused to believe her because he thought she was crazy.

He decided to stay at her place, but they didn’t see anyone entering the house. It was only after he left that the man broke into the woman’s house again.

The woman shared her story in another post on Reddit. She revealed that three months after she moved out from her mother’s place, she had started receiving phone calls and flowers from an unknown person.

She ignored the calls and flowers until strange things started happening in her house. She noticed things from her kitchen and living room suddenly went missing. She explained:

“I would sometimes unplug the TV before going to bed and it would be on in the morning.”

Frightened, the woman had confined herself to her bedroom because she suspected someone used to enter her house every night. One night, she turned on the TV in her room and witnessed something unbelievable.

Two days later, the woman heard footsteps in her house at 11 p.m.

She had an AV transmitter placed in her living room which allowed her to use the same TV cable connection in the bedroom. When she turned on the TV that night, she noticed someone was switching the channels from the living room.

Horrified, the woman decided to tell her brother about it. She told him about the incident, but he didn’t buy what she said. She explained:

“When I told him he looked at me like I was crazy and said I was being paranoid.”

Eventually, her brother started believing her and asked if he could spend a few nights at her place. She agreed, and he stayed for four nights, but the intruder didn’t enter her house during that time. 

Two days later, the woman heard footsteps in her house at 11 p.m. Scared, she locked herself in the bedroom and called her brother. He immediately asked their younger brother to meet him at her home. Her brother explained:

 “I knew she wasn’t making this up, I could tell from her voice.”

The two men met outside their sister’s house while one spoke to her through the phone. They went to the backside of the house while the woman watched them through her bedroom window. 

Suddenly, the boys went quiet. When the woman asked them what happened, they told her they were peeking into her house through the kitchen window. Her brother explained:

“As we approached the patio door we saw that a man was sitting on the couch facing us.”

The woman’s brother asked her to hang up because he wanted to call the cops, but she was too frightened to do it. She begged him to stay on the line with her, but he insisted she hung up. 

After calling the cops, the brothers waited outside the house and watched the unknown man. Suddenly, they couldn’t see anything inside the house because the man had turned the TV off. He then switched on the hallway lights to climb the stairs.

At this point, the brothers realized the intruder was planning to go into their sister’s bedroom, so they entered the house through the patio door and rushed towards the staircase. 

When the woman heard the patio door open, she opened her bedroom door and saw a man in a black coat climbing the stairs. She immediately shut her door and blocked it with her wardrobe. 

After a few seconds, she heard her brother’s footsteps on the staircase. They caught the man and had started beating him while he begged them to stop. They explained:

“We kicked the [expletive] out of him and got my sister out of the house, he had a knife in his coat pocket.”

Police vehicles arrived at their doorstep 10 minutes after they had caught the man. The siblings were shocked to discover that the unknown man was their mother’s ex-boyfriend, who had lived with the family for a while when they were kids. 

After reading the story, GrumpyMcGrumperton asked if the woman was OK, to which her brother replied, “She’s pretty freaked out by the whole situation, as am I.” He added that it must have been tough for her to confine herself in the bedroom while the man roamed in her house with a knife. 

Another user named ElvisJaggerAbdul asked the woman how did the man enter her house, to which she replied that they figured out he had a key to the bathroom window. 

Most users were horrified and asked the siblings to be careful. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a man who discovered that his ex, who called him “useless,” was now homeless.

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