Woman Claimed Son’s Wife Cheated after Seeing the Biracial Couple’s Baby

An older woman was delighted to meet her son’s newborn. But after seeing the baby girl, she claimed she was not born to her son and accused her daughter-in-law of cheating on him. 

A biracial couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl a few months ago and were ecstatic. The news of the baby’s arrival reached across the family, and everyone was excited, except the woman’s mother-in-law. When the grandmother caught sight of her grandchild, she compared the baby’s features to her parents. 

While the mother had pale skin with black hair and eyes, and her husband was black, their baby was white with blond hair and green eyes. This planted seeds of doubt, with the mother-in-law claiming the baby wasn’t her son’s and shocking everyone around. 

OP’s mother-in-law doubted her baby’s paternity | Photo: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP), 24, didn’t take her mother-in-law’s opinion about her baby lightly. Posting her harrowing experience on Reddit, she explained how her mother-in-law turned the entire family against her and even convinced them she cheated on her husband. 

Her mother-in-law convinced everyone in the family that her son was not the baby’s father. Eventually, the entire family turned against OP, demanding the truth about the child’s birth father. 

OP welcomed a beautiful baby girl | Photo: Pexels

The newborn’s mother tried to convince her husband’s family that the baby was indeed his. Unfortunately, nobody believed her. She recalled:

“I tried to convince them for almost four months that it wasn’t true.”

The couple did two paternity tests in two different labs, and the results proved she told the truth. However, her mother-in-law wasn’t convinced yet and remained adamant about her accusation.

Nobody from her husband’s side believed her | Photo: Pexels

OP’s mother-in-law was furious and doubted the accuracy of the test results. She accused OP of forging the results to hide her infidelity. 

She claimed her only granddaughter was OP’s sister-in-law’s daughter and that she didn’t’ want to do or know anything about OP’s daughter.

Eventually, the couple cut ties with the older woman. But around eight months later, OP’s mother-in-law texted her son through a new number after seeing their baby’s picture on social media.

OP’s mother-in-law reached out after seeing the baby’s pictures on social media | Photo: Pexels

She apologized to the couple and told them their baby was beautiful. She proposed to meet her granddaughter, but OP was confused about how to deal with the situation and ultimately turned to social media for advice. 

OP said the rest of the family didn’t want to meet her daughter since they doubted her loyalty.

OP was confused and claimed her one-year-old daughter didn’t know much about her paternal grandmother and turned to social media for advice. 

OP was confused and turned to social media for guidance | Photo: Pexels

Several people from the Reddit forum reacted in OP’s favor. “Don’t let any of your children near her or any of them that shunned you,” user aussie718 wrote, adding:

“Not only did they humiliate and hurt you unmercifully and try to make it your fault when you proved yourself in the right, but also your kids have nothing to gain from a relationship with any of them.”

Several users advised her not to let her mother-in-law be around her daughter too. Some even warned that her MIL would repeat it somehow, signaling the red flags in her attitude towards the baby. 

Several people advised OP not to allow her husband’s family around her baby | Photo: Pexels

People shared their straightforward advice, particularly to OP’s question: “Should I let her meet our daughter?” Redditor DollyLlamasHuman responded, stating:

“No. This woman put you through two DNA tests and [expletive]-talked you to the family to the point where nobody believes your daughter is your husband’s…I think she has lost her grandparenting privileges permanently.”

User uela7 shared similar advice in a comment that read: “The people you surround your child with affect how they develop. Your MIL demonstrated what kind of a person she is and what she’s capable of. Do you want this kind of toxicity around your kid?”

“Should I let her meet our daughter?” | Photo: Pexels

OP said the rest of the family didn’t want to meet her daughter since they doubted her loyalty still. Meanwhile, her husband left it upon her to decide whether she should let his mother meet their daughter or not.

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