Wife Cheated on Husband for Most of Their Marriage and Had Their Children DNA-Tested

A 35-year-old man stumbled upon his wife’s infidelity in an unusual way—through her confession—and was left crushed when he learned she got their two kids DNA-tested.

Redditor John_Standing_Alone and his wife, 34, were married for nine years. But their marital bliss was cut short in mere seconds when his beloved requested a divorce. 

The man wasn’t surprised a bit and vaguely assumed their affection had expired due to the visible red flags he’d observed. But he missed noticing the bigger picture behind his wife’s sudden demand for a divorce. 

All it took was a DNA test to shatter this devoted husband’s heart | Photo: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP) knew his wife had started distancing herself from him. She didn’t pretend to show any interest towards him, and even their intimacy was long-withdrawn for quite some time.

Despite observing the red flags of an approaching heartbreak, OP often tried to mend his terms with her, but in vain. At times, she would excuse herself, reasoning depression and had even made him feel inferior.

Occasionally, she’d treat his family rudely whenever they visited. Still, OP tried his best to preserve his marriage. And that’s when she opened up about the reason for her indifference towards him.

OP sensed a drastic change in his wife’s attitude | Photo: Pexels

The woman claimed she was “unhappy” with OP and didn’t want their marriage to mirror her parents’ by ending disastrously.

OP was startled, and it didn’t make any sense to him until she finally revealed the most painful truth about his children.

She refused therapy though she’d done it before having their two children, aged 3 and 1. OP saw his marriage burn out and temporarily moved into his brother’s house at her request.

A few days later, she constantly pressed him for a critical discussion concerning their divorce and her reason for taking this huge step. OP mistakenly assumed it was due to the same monotonous reason but was left crushed in the end. 

OP’s wife spoke to him about getting a divorce | Photo: Pexels

Later that night, the woman came out with a bit of confession about an “old flame” that had resurfaced in her life. OP knew she’d already dated this guy before him. 

She continued to spill out more details, gradually ripping off OP’s peace of mind. It turned out that she and the guy had been seeing each other for around 4-5 years.

OP was traumatized knowing his wife had been cheating on him for most of their marriage. Several questions boggled his thoughts as he listened.

OP was seeing her ex despite being married | Photo: Unsplash

OP learned his wife’s boyfriend was married and in the process of divorcing his wife, prompting OP’s wife to divorce him and reconcile with her ex. The very thought of it disgusted OP.

He thought his wife would’ve probably kept him engulfed in deception if her ex hadn’t filed for divorce. Finally, she spilled another truth OP never dared to dream.

She told him that she’d been seeing her boyfriend again before her children were born. OP’s eldest daughter was born in 2017 when his wife had already been seeing her ex. OP was startled, and it didn’t make any sense to him until she finally revealed the most painful truth about his children.

OP’s wife hung around with her boyfriend around the same time their first daughter was born | Photo: Unsplash

The woman had her doubts and had both their daughters DNA-tested. It turned out that OP wasn’t their father. Her confession left OP shattered. 

He tamed his tongue not to utter anything worse and asked her to leave immediately. He contacted his lawyer and started the formalities of their divorce. 

Though OP wasn’t as unhappy as his wife in their marriage, he suddenly felt rejuvenated and regained his confidence, like he was back in his shoes again. The people on Reddit also gave him encouragement. 

OP’s wife got her children DNA-tested | Photo: Unsplash

“I’m incredulous that anyone would do that to another human,” Redditor EagleBrilliant3713 sympathized with OP and added:

“I guess it’s good that you’re now able to move on and start a new chapter in your life. Really awful about the kids, though. Can’t imagine how much that hurts.”

OP tried to focus on his positives but still missed the two children he raised. However, he decided to move on, knowing he would undoubtedly fall in love again someday. 

“Not being the father of the two kids hurts the most. I love them, and I love raising them. But I know I have to say goodbye to them,” he concluded.

Though he missed the children he’d raised, OP decided to move on | Photo: Pexels

If the wife’s boyfriend did not decide to divorce his wife, would OP’s marriage have been saved?

OP said his wife wanted a divorce to reconcile with her ex, who was also splitting from his partner. He even suspected that she would’ve continued to deceive him if the guy wasn’t getting divorced. It’s unclear if events in their marriage would’ve turned out differently had divorce not been on the table for OP’s wife’s boyfriend. Though it’s more likely that the truth would still reveal itself in the future, and would cause even more pain for OP, having invested more love and years in his family. 

Despite observing the red flags in their relationship, did OP blindly trust his wife?

OP was aware of his marital bliss fading slowly, but he still tried to sort his differences with his wife. He chose to overlook the red flags in the hopes of saving their marriage. Do you think OP was wrong to have blindly trusted his wife in spite of these red flags?

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