Widow Uses Her Money to Manipulate Her Five Daughters Who Don’t Care about Her

Five daughters who were “too busy” to meet their dying father and say goodbye compete to treat their widowed mother like a queen after discovering the inheritance she got from him.

While talking to her mother about aging, a young woman realized how money could not buy everything in this world, particularly love.

Redditor sweetpotato37 and her mother sat down for a casual conversation about getting old. Just then, her mother recalled a story of the Redditor’s aunt and cousins, highlighting the extent to which one’s flesh and blood could go to make easy money.

The Original Poster (OP)’s aunt had five daughters who never really bothered about their parents. The sisters shared similar personalities and never cared about anybody else unless they benefitted them. It doesn’t surprise why they had vague reasons not to visit their sick father.

Unaware of his will’s worth, the daughters neglected their dying father | Photo: Shutterstock

The sisters were either occupied with some work or far away and decided not to waste their time coming home to see their father.

The poor older man’s condition worsened, and eventually, he became wholly dependent on his wife. OP’s aunt completely took it upon herself to tend to him despite having five daughters who turned out to be of no help.

Unfortunately, the man died, but he left behind “some” money for his wife in his will. The news of their late father’s inheritance reached the daughters’ ears, and they soon began visiting.

Despite being aware of their dad’s deteriorating health, the children never bothered to visit him | Photo: Pexels

All the five siblings who once preferred to stay away from their parents came flocking to visit their widowed mother. They were pretty aware of how much their late father had saved and now began showering more attention to their mother.

However, they were furious when they learned their father didn’t leave them anything and felt entitled to their share. They were annoyed their mother got everything but cloaked their anger every time they were with her.

The daughters who once neglected their parents flocked to care for their mother | Photo: Pexels

OP’s aunt, who could very well see her daughters’ real intentions, decided to use it to her advantage. After much thought, she proposed a simple condition to them.

[T]he sisters’ dreams were bombed when they discovered what their mother had done with that money.

OP’s aunt agreed to give the most deserving child a lump sum share only if they took good care of her until she died. Her daughters agreed without hesitation, unaware of how it would all pan out for them later.

OP’s aunt proposed a condition to her daughters | Photo: Pexels

OP’s aunt lived a hale and hearty life after that. Her daughters, who once turned their backs on her, began to pay her frequent visits. All her appointments were taken care of. 

The five sisters competed to do all their mother’s chores and treated her like a queen. But deep inside, all of them wished she would die soon, leaving them her inheritance. 

None of them genuinely loved or cared for their mother and would even vent their frustrations openly behind her back. Surprisingly, even OP’s mother had met one of the sisters and couldn’t be more startled with what she heard.

OP’s mom met one of the girls and was startled by their conversation | Photo: Pexels

Like the rest, one sister dreamt of the money she would get from her mother. She’d often tell OP’s mom about getting a new house and holidaying when she got her share.

The sisters swarmed around their mother to seek her attention, but little did they know their mother was aware of what was in their minds and was simply using this knowledge to manipulate them.

OP’s revenge story about her aunt amassed an overwhelming response from the people on Reddit who’d even advised on the alternatives the aunt could’ve done with the money.

The elderly widow was delighted to see her daughters treat her like a queen | Photo: Pexels

“Even better thing would be that she spent the money while still alive and then got some nice dept and give them that for an inheritance,” one user wrote.

Redditor kathatter75 recounted a similar scenario of how their mom and stepdad disclosed to them their inheritance. The person said:

“My mom & stepdad have both told me that I get everything and get to decide who gets what because I’ll be the fairest out of my brother and step-sisters and half-brother and half-sister…The good news is that everyone seems OK with it…🤞🏻”

Meanwhile, some people applauded OP’s aunt for making such an intelligent move and showing her daughters how money can’t buy love.

OP’s aunt knew what she had to do with the inheritance | Photo: Pexels

OP’s aunt spent the last few years of her life peacefully. And when she died, her daughters were restless to know who she had picked as her inheritor. They waited impatiently and dreamed about the future luxuries they could gain with the money.

To their dismay, their mother knew what exactly her girls deserved and the sisters’ dreams were bombed when they discovered what their mother had done with that money.

“It turns out she had donated all of her money to a charity and left a cheque for each of the girls. So they could all buy themselves ‘a new winter coat’,” OP concluded.

The elderly widow donated her inheritance to charity | Photo: Pexels

Could there be any reason why the sisters cut off their parents from their lives?

Some people on Reddit raised similar doubts surrounding the reasons that led to the children’s lack of attachment to their parents. A few argued that the parents could’ve nurtured their daughters with good morals.    Though OP has mentioned how her aunt’s children only bothered about what profited them, it’s still unclear why they neglected their parents. 

Do you think OP’s aunt served sweet justice to her children in the end?

OP’s aunt was aware of her daughters’ genuine intentions and knew they would go to any extent to win her heart for the money. She’d discreetly given away the inheritance to charity as she realized none of her children deserved a share from it. Do you think what she did was justice her children deserved? 

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