Widow Discovers Two Letters Her Soldier Husband Wrote before He Died

Todd Weaver’s grave sits in a military cemetery, namely Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia – the last place he went for a walk before dying from an explosive while serving in Afghanistan. 

In 2010 1st Lieutenant Todd Weaver was deployed in Afghanistan, saying goodbye to his wife Emma Louise Elizabeth Wright and 9-month-old baby Kylie, unknowingly bidding them his final goodbyes.

However, a gravestone in a military cemetery is not the only reminder this brave soldier’s spouse and daughter have of him – he made sure of that. 

Lieutenant Todd Weaver hugging his wife, Emma Louise Elizabeth Wright and daughter, Kylie [left]; Lieutenant Todd Weaver kissing his daughter, Kylie, on the forehead [right]. │Source: facebook.com/emmalouliz

She has since taken to social media, sharing with the world what an amazing father, husband, and individual her late Weaver was. 

On February 7, 2012, the mom and widow posted a picture of them getting married on Facebook, with the letter her late spouse wrote for her overlayed onto the snapshot. 

Weaver penned how appreciative he was of her and the beautiful life they had created together, stating that many people could only dream of what they had. The letter partially read:

“I married the perfect woman. I had a beautiful daughter that amazed me every day. I even had two great dogs – at least most of the time.”

He asked her to be strong for their daughter and please remind their little one that he loved her more than anything. 

The widow’s late husband pleaded with her not to let him or his memory hold her back from moving on with her life and do what she needed to do to find happiness. The father penned

“Have faith. Much better times are coming. You and Kylie have a wonderful life ahead of you and I’m so happy to have shared some of it with you.”

Weaver then again emphasized how deeply he loves her, with two individuals in the comment section expressing that the letter was deeply touching. 

More recently, on April 5, 2020, Wright shared a picture of the soldier reading to a tiny Kylie with the letter to his now much older daughter overlayed onto the shot.

This message from her father is truly special, as Kylie was so young when he died. In essence, this may be the closest she can ever be to her dad. 

In the letter, he apologized for not being able to be there as she grows up and wrote that although she may not have memories of him, Kylie must never forget that he loves her dearly. Her father stated

“Every time I saw you smile my heart would just melt. You were my sweetie – My life was not complete until you were born.”

Then, in a typical parent fashion, Weaver began giving his daughter advice. He encouraged her to help and be kind to her mom, take her education seriously, never forget her worth, and be a good person. 

Kylie’s late father encouraged her to look to her faith during dark times and to believe that it would all work out eventually. The Lieutenant expressed

“And remember, your daddy will always be proud of you and will always love you. You are and always will be my sweetie.” 

Weaver let his baby know that he is still with her; that although he has left the physical world, he is always looking down on her from heaven and smiling. 

When she still had a blog, Wright wrote about the letters saying they were emotionally challenging to get through, although ultimately they brought her to a place of peace.

This inner serenity is perhaps the last present that the courageous Lieutenant, doting dad, and loving husband left her – something so intangible and yet maybe a greater gift than anything one can touch. 

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