Who Is Avery Cyrus? JoJo Siwa Might Be Dating Someone New

JoJo Siwa seemingly has a brand new love curiosity in her life.

After breaking apart with ex Kylie Prew for a second time in August, after first breaking apart in 2021, Siwa, 19, has appeared to start courting TikTok star Avery Cyrus.

On Sept. 12, Siwa shared a TikTok video of them sharing a kiss in a photograph sales space. She captioned it, “happiest girl.” Days earlier than that, Cyrus posted a TikTok video of herself flying all the best way from Florida to Siwa’s location to offer her a hug.

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@itsjojosiwa through TIkTok

In August, Prew confirmed on Instagram Reside that she was not seeing Siwa after they reconciled in Might 2022. The previous couple initially broke up in November 2021.

“Someone asked me, just now, if I was single. I am,” Prew stated throughout an Instagram stay, which was captured and shared on TikTok. “I’ve been single for almost two months and it’s OK, it’s not deep, I promise. Everything’s fine. Not everything has to be messy and gross because it’s not and I just wanted to clear the air.” 

In the identical video, Prew stated that she has her eyes on another person and it is one of many few folks she follows.

Appears to be like like each she and and Siwa are transferring on.

Listed here are a extra particulars about Siwa’s rumored love curiosity.

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@itsjojosiwa through TIkTok

Cyrus is a frontrunner within the LGBTQ group

With over 7 million followers on TikTok, Cyrus has used her platform to uplift different queer ladies within the LGBTQ group.

“My pride is how I’ve learned to be super comfortable in my own skin because growing up, I was weird and gay and super tomboyish,” she stated in a Sept. 11 interview that was posted on LATV Queer’s YouTube channel.

“I was just not super comfortable in my own skin and you can tell,” Cyrus stated, saying that now, as she’s “grown up,” she’s accepted her identification.

In October 2020, Cyrus was featured in Sarah Barrios’ video “Somebody I’m Proud Of (LGBTQ+ Edition)” which celebrates queer ladies.

Cyrus has met Siwa’s household

Cyrus is already getting acquainted with Siwa’s household.

In August, Siwa’s father, Tom, shared a photograph of himself with Siwa, Cyrus and spouse Jessalynn at Chicago’s O’Hare Worldwide Airport. He captioned it, “Travel Day.”

Then, he additionally shared some images of Cyrus along with his household on the set of “America’s Got Talent.”

TikToker Kales_0, who has been monitoring their rumored relationship, posted images of Cyrus with the Siwa household in Iowa in late August. Siwa nodded to to Kales_0’s investigations in a TikTok video with the caption, “POV: Me when I found Kales_0,” and the audio, “Is this f—ng play about us?”

Cyrus used to this point one other TikToker

In July 2020, Cyrus shared a video on YouTube of herself spending time with TikToker Soph Mosca and titled it, “She asked me to be her girlfriend…. (LGBTQ+).”

Two years later, they reportedly instructed their followers that they had been calling it quits in August of 2022. In accordance with J-14, they each launched statements on their Instagram Tales in regards to the cut up.

Siwa and Cyrus have been ‘good buddies’

After doing a number of TikTok movies with Cyrus, together with one the place they did a “best friend mukbang,” Siwa talked about her relationship with Cyrus in an August interview with Expertise Recap.

Siwa stated, “Avery has been a really good friend of mine for like six months now. She’s awesome, she’s literally the coolest and I’m really grateful to have her as a friend in my life. She’s a really really really good friend.”

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