What Is TikTok Queen Mikayla Nogueira’s Zodiac Sign?

Mikayla Nogueira is liked by her followers for her real persona and trustworthy opinions, so you could discover it shocking that she is a Gemini. Whereas they’re usually often called outgoing and social butterflies, Geminis are sometimes assumed to be “two-faced” and seen as dishonest or sneaky, per Attract. Nogueira, nonetheless, does not declare to embody these destructive traits; in an interview with Nylon, the TikTok star stated, “I think I am a Gemini to a ‘t.’ I think there’s different types of Geminis. I’m the type that I’m one way with certain people, and I’m another way with other people. That’s like my twin flame, so two different personalities may come out.”

Reasonably than representing the symbolic Gemini twins in a devious mild, the constructive and provoking magnificence guru shares all “sides” of herself together with her followers — which makes her much more reliable than the typical influencer. In a current TikTok video, Nogueria shared a weak second together with her thousands and thousands of followers, saying, “I hate how I look. I haven’t felt beautiful in months,” with reference to how she’s been feeling currently. In distinction to her regular vivid and bubbly persona, this occasion of uncooked and emotional honesty clearly impacted a lot of her followers, judging by the over 40,000 (and largely supportive) feedback. In embracing the dual-sidedness of herself, the influencer actually displayed the very best traits of the Gemini zodiac signal.

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