What Is Clayton Echard’s Net Worth and ‘Bachelor’ Salary?

For reasons the internet is still struggling to understand, Clayton Echard was chosen as our next Bachelor and his season is kicking off the new year. And aside from dating over two dozen women at once and falling in love on reality television, Clayton’s life is about to majorly change. By which I mean he’s gonna be rich.

These days, even the most random Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are able to go on to have successful careers as influencers, and there’s almost no way Clayton isn’t going to join their ranks. Meaning, his net worth is about to shoot right the eff up, partially thanks to the fact that the got paid a huge chunk of money for The Bachelor.

Time to break down Clayton’s net worth, which we will be keeping an eye on due to being nosy/bored as he gets more and more famous.

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How Much Is Clayton Being Paid for The Bachelor?

Bachelor payments vary, and tragically ABC doesn’t make their contracts public. That said, there’s been plenty of reporting on the subject so buckle up! Back in 2011, Reality Steve said the Bachelor salary was likely higher than $100,000, and considering that was a full decade ago, it seems safe to assume the going rate has gone up.

Meanwhile, author Amy Kaufman said in her 2018 book Bachelor Nation that it’s “incredibly rare for someone to make less than six figures.” And we know that Bachelorette star Emily Maynard reportedly negotiated herself $250,000 for season 8—so it’s possible Clayton could be making that much!

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How Much Did Clayton Make for His Day Job?

Before joining Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, Clayton worked as a medical sales rep in Missouri. We don’t know what Clayton made in the job, but according to Zip Recruiter the average salary for a Medical Sales rep is around $62,000 a year—but can go up to as high as $100,000. Not bad!

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Obviously, Clayton is taking a break from his day job to be a reality TV star, but according to his ABC bio he plans to go back to school and get an MBA so that he can start his own business. Ahem: “Clayton graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health science from the University of Missouri, where he also minored in business and Spanish. He currently works in medical sales but is embarking on his MBA with the intention of starting his own business.”

Clayton Also Made Money Playing Football

Clayton’s career as a professional football player was fairly short-lived, but he did have what ABC describes as a “brief stint with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks before quickly realizing his football abilities didn’t quite match his business acumen.” An investigative deep dive into a football players’ salaries tells us that even a “brief stint” for the Seahawks is a well-paying job. So, chances are Clayton took home $$ during his time on the team.

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What Is Clayton Echard’s Total Net Worth, You Ask?

Reliable outlets like Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth haven’t reported on Clayton’s exact net worth yet, probably because he only became famous two seconds ago. But some corners of the internet claim he’s worth about $2 million, which seems a liiiiiittle steep given what we know about his salary. Either way, expect Clayton to 100 percent be in the millionaires club once he finishes The Bachelor and starts doing sponsored posts on Instagram, which can pay anywhere from $10,000 to $1 million depending on how famous you are (‘kay, only the likes of Kim Kardashian are making a mill per post, but dream big Clayton!).

Be sure to catch Clayton’s season Mondays on ABC (starting January 3)—and spoiler: he does get a happy ending. Our dude told Good Morning America that “I did find love. I was a little skeptical going into the whole journey, but I’m so pleasantly surprised that things worked out much different than I thought. Again, I’m just so excited to watch it back and have everyone else watch it as well.”

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