Waitress in Tears after Strangers Give Her Envelope with a Huge Tip Just before Christmas

For one waitress, a Christmas miracle came early. The group she was serving decided to surprise her with a big tip. Her reaction to their generosity was priceless.  

In December 2019, a table of customers gave their waitress a gift that made her cry. A woman speaking on behalf of the group stated that they wanted to pay it forward and give her a Christmas blessing. 

As someone handed her the unexpected envelope, the waitress looked stunned, and she was in disbelief. The person who presented the money told her just how much she was receiving, and it garnered an emotional reaction. 

A group of customers and the waitress they surprised with a large tip | Photo: Facebook/jacob.bryan.5


In the clip shared on Facebook, a woman spoke to the waitress who had been serving them all evening. Unbeknownst to the waitress, they had been trying to find out more about her. 

The group, who shared that they are highly favored and blessed by God, did not know each other well. They simply had a shared passion for sharing joy and helping random strangers who came across their path.

A waitress is emotional after a group gives her a big tip | Photo: Youtube/Action News Jax (CBS47 & FOX30)

The woman explained that they specifically asked for one server because they wanted someone to receive the large tip. The $1000 would undoubtedly make a substantial difference in the young woman’s life.

Throughout the evening, the group asked the waitress questions and got to know her better. The woman stated they while they did not know her story, they wanted to bless her. 


The woman said: “Here is $1000 cash, and we just hope you have a very merry Christmas. It’s okay. You can cry.” The waitress was immediately overcome with emotion, and she tried to cover her face with the envelope. 

Another group member could be heard stating: “Somebody hug her.” After this, the woman who spoke on behalf of the group got up to embrace the waitress. 

The video went viral and gained over 180 thousand views on Youtube. Netizens applauded the group for their kindness and generosity.

One user wrote: “Bless all those beautiful people who are so generous to this young waitress.” Another added:

“Good people. Good deed. Thank you.” 

Netizens react to a video of a group that give a big tip to their waitress | Photo: Youtube/Action News Jax (CBS47 & FOX30)

On Facebook, one of the group members shared a photo of them with the waitress. He also added another picture which was taken the following day. This time, they were standing with another woman who served them.

The post expressed: “It’s the last one this year! We were able to surprise and bless this hard-working waitress with a $1,652 Christmas gift. She earned every penny! I love my circle of crazies who enjoy blessing strangers! Merry Christmas, everyone!”

This time, a waitress in red was the lucky recipient of their Christmas generosity. Captioned alongside the photo, the man detailed that they were able to bless another person. 

The group’s kindness did not go unnoticed, but despite the praise they received, the true reward was the feeling that came from helping someone else. Their generous tip made Christmas extra special for a few deserving restaurant workers. 

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